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  1. MANDY!!!!!

    It's been a very long time indeed!

    I'm not around on PT that much anymore, what with sixth form college and all that, I don't get an awful lot of free time. I do try to pop in every now and then though.

    Were you still here when I got Flossie? She's about year and a half old now!

    Great to hear from you again, and as Michelle said, if you have facebook, please add me - I'm a member of the Pet Talk Group so you should find me there.

  2. Hi Zara! Long time no speak!! I used to be on here as Babyboonie, but its been soooo long since I logged in etc that I couldn't remember the email address, password details etc. The last time we spoke was around the time of Tia being a good year or so ago!

    How are you and all your furbabies?

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