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  1. Here sorry for being annoying im too interested and have spent way to much time to get in contact with u karen. i saw a post u made back in 2006 and saw u were still active and i have way to many questions! heres a post a saw

    Keep an eye on her, I don't think wax is digested that easily. As long as she's not eaten too much then it'll probably just pass out her system, but if she does show any sign of discomfort get her to a vet immediately. There is a possibility that it could cause a blockage in her digestive system if she's eaten a lot, but it's unlikely if she only ate a bit. I hope she's OK.

    it was a post regarding rats eating candle wax im just wondering how u even got here or started this website?
    I also have another question asking where paul went because he has not been active since 2015.

    sorry its really random im just interested because u made this post the year i was born!
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