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  1. So what are your huskies' names?
  2. So how are you sweet little animals and you love huskies which is cool because I LOVE HUSKIES!!! THEY ROCK!!! YAAAHOOO!!
  3. right now.. I have the huskies.. but those are at my parents.. then on my own place I have Roger the black/tan pom, 2 rabbits and 2 of their babies which are just past a month old.. hehe.. and thank you for the birthday wishes
  4. A late happy birthday, sorry I didn't know when your birthday was
  5. Hi, nice to see that you're online, hey, I wanted to ask, how many pets do you have in present? Meaning right now
  6. thank you. the wabbits.. yes they are mine.. the maybe album is of a dog that looked like mine (got stolen and I found an ad for that one and thought it might be mine but wasn´t).. you can check for older threads of mine to find my dogs.. Roger (black/tan pom), Ninja and China (huskies).. and of course more of my rabbits and their babies .. and if you go way way back you can find pics of the bettas I had
  7. Is the album of your dog? the maybe one? and the wabbits? They are so cute
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