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  1. school is going better. not great, but better. it's so much of a change and hard to get used to the change in attention spans, lol. I keep saying "HELLO.... I'm up here.... I'm waiting!!!" UGH!! But they're cute and I only have them for 45 minutes and they leave and the day goes by quickly. Wish you were here to talk to!! I have no one really to talk to at all at Freemansburg. The staff is much nicer at William Penn, I just don't like the layout of the school there. Open concept. Who thought of that one?!!! They were nuts!! So distracting for me and the kids, lol. Hope to see you one day soon!! Take care!
  2. How is it going this school year? I really miss you!
  3. I'm so glad you found a little guy to add to your family! All introductions take time, and your older guy is probably grieving for his lost Princess. Give him time, lots of love, and he will come through it. It took my guys a long time to get over the loss of Finae last year. My Boris still over grooms herself at times, but she's getting better. She was with Finae since she was 4 weeks old... so very attached.

    Don't forget to post pics in Cat General of your sweet little new one, and of Butler of course!

    By the way... I won't be seeing you at EH next year. I got the boot. I'll be at Hanover and Asa for library. They chose Dave Beck to be the librarian at EH and NE. Oh well. Starting over is never easy, but I guess I can look at it as a fresh start. Will miss everyone at EH. I was finally feeling like I had a "family" again after losing mine at Farmersville and Buchanan. So much for that though I guess. At least I still have a job, so I can't complain.
  4. I never rush adoptions.... it has to be the right time for the family. I have Grizz until that right family comes along. So far she is living with us in our camping cabin because my one cat beats her up. So, up there she gets to be safe from my cat Boris. My Boris is a female, and very territorial. I just introduced a new cat to my home, Calloway, and Boris leaves him alone. Guess he puts off enough of a dominant vibe for her to not pick on him.

    Whenever you are ready to meet, Grizz will be waiting. Just put my number in your phone and call me.

    Take care, and know that Princess is in good hands. HUGS to you.

  5. Call me.... 484-866-0046
  6. If you like her, we'll do a private adoption, not through the shelter.... that way she's free and I know you and trust you, so I don't need to do any references and all the crap the shelter goes through. I'll send you the link to her Pet Finder page. She's a long haired tortie who is just the biggest lovebug, wants attention all the time, and if I didn't have 6 at home, I'd keep her myself, lol
  7. I happen to have a foster who needs a home. She is a maine coon mix, her name is Grizzly, and she is the sweetest thing on earth. Would you like me to bring her to meet you??
  8. Make a post under Cat Health... many people here deal with acute/chronic renal failure. They will have more info than I. I'm so sorry to hear of this.
  9. Hi Sue, is it acute or chronic? WIth the right treatment and the right meds they can live long healthy lives. I will be thinking of you and your kitty, Princess.
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