1. Precious Pumpkin Pie!

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    Pumkin pie is really adorable! Her eyes make her look other worldly. So glad she has such a loving, pretty mum who spoils her each day! So glad you have each other, best POTD!
  2. Precious Pumpkin Pie!

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    Greetings beautiful, blue eyed Pumpkin Pie! Happy Pet of the Day to you, and to your sister/sidekick Cookie, too!

    Oh, what an adorable goat girl you are, so photogenic (your pics are priceless), a beauty inside and out! We are so glad your dear mommy chose to share you with us, with the world! Now so many others know what your mommy has known all along, just how EXTRA special you are!

    What a blessing you are to her, helping to comfort her as she battles her
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