1. Lazarus: The Dog Who Comes Back to Life!

    An amazing battle with death.

    The dog came to the shelter last August 19, with cut and bloody after his owner dropped him off after surviving a car accident as told by Capt. Bobby Blankenship, the city shelter supervisor . Even the Vet wonders how did he survived the accident. The shelter tried to find him a new home but nobody wants him. Thus on the evening of Sept. 10, the Vet came to conduct the procedure to euthanize the dog ...
  2. Help, My Dog Can’t Hear!

    A silent disability.
    Deafness in dogs can generally be accounted due to genetic defects (congenital) or it can also be acquired due to trauma, accident, disease or old age. It can either be partial or complete hearing loss which could affect a single or both ears of the dog. Although breed is not a factor when it comes to the nature of disability, some breeds according to some veterinary medical articles are common to less pigmented dogs ...
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  3. Mr Amazing Experienced the Glitz and Glam of Being a Celebrity Pooch

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    Mr Amazing, the 4 ˝ month old tiny Pomeranian puppy was Paris Hilton’s newest expensive toy dog and has been roaming around Los Angeles with his glitzy doting mum. The snow white pooch was cuddled by his wealthy mom around Beverly Hills Wednesday, Sept. 17. Paris was reportedly bought her new pricey toy dog for a whopping $13,000 from a seller named Joanne Pauze of a Canadian Calgary breeder Betty Pedram of Betty’s Teacup Yorkies who shipped orders from their ...

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  4. Obesity on Dogs: A Lurking Treat To Our Buddies!

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    Dog obesity is certainly one of the biggest health issue in raising and caring for our dog buddies. Due to our hectic schedules, we pet parents and caregivers often neglect and forget to watch on our pet diets. And because members of our household tend to also pamper our pets so much, we may have overlooked about things in our pets’ nutritional intake. Like us humans, lack of exercise and bodily activities as well as uncontrolled and unmonitored food consumption ...
  5. Man Pleaded Guilty For Attacking and Burning a Dog

    NOTICE: Graphic images, not for the weak of heart!

    Cody, a three-year old Collie have survived for two weeks before the Vets decided to put her down due to the severe burns he suffered from the hand of a 23-year old man named Andrew Richard Stewart. The Vets said due o the trauma and severity of the burns which exposes the canine’s flesh and ribs, Cody would never recover and putting him down would be the best alternative to end ...
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