All about Annie and Charlotte

Introducing Charlotte, our calico cat. She just turned 4 years old in April 2012. We adopted her when her 1st family had to move to an apartment and couldn't keep her - so she is a true Tennessee girl now

She's very affectionate but very independent. She will get in your lap when she wants too but you can't make her if you want to hold her. She likes to sleep at the foot of my bed on my feet where Annie (our miniature dachshund) can't get her. She loves to get treats but has to be fast to keep Annie from getting them unless we are there to help her. She has her front claws de-clawed so she stays close to home or she stays in the house. She is funny - she acts like she don't like Annie but when Annie was sick she would lay down near her and give her a kiss
Introducing Annie, our miniature dachshund . She just turned 2 years old in July 2012. She was born in Kentucky but she is a Tennessee girl now

She's very affectionate. She loves to snuggle and give kisses. She has a extra long tongue because it hangs out all the time She loves to be outside as long as we are out there with her she doesn't like being alone. She knows how to sit up on her bottom and beg for food she LOVES to eat. She wants us to throw her toys all the time so she can fetch. She also likes to chase our cat Charlotte. She likes to get belly rubs and foot massage's and she doesn't even mind getting a bath. She is a sweet and loving dog, we all love her and race to get to her first when we return home from town!

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