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  1. Cookie- My Netherland Dwarf Bunny

    Cookie is a Netherland Dwarf bunny who was born on March 23, 2013. So she's around 7 months old. She is a grey-white bunny, but she's losing her baby fur so I'm not sure what color she will end up being. The first day that I got her, which was May 11th, she didn't know how to hop or eat timmothy hay. Everyday I would let her run around and monitor her so she didn't eat anything she wasn't suppose to. She finally got the hang of hopping. After about 2 days of having her, I decided to give her a piece ...
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  2. Does anyone know much about LAYANESE CATS

    HI, i have a 2 yr old Layanese ( cross with Himalayn and a tonkinese) she is a beautiful layed back cat that loves people and loves to play. there is not to much info on these cats here in australia. everyone one who meets lucy loves her.
  3. Up in the air cat nap.

    Quote Originally Posted by Litterati View Post
    Well that came out pretty awful x 2 Final uploading attempt for now. Still appears small to me, but if you click on it you can see Dorry sleeping (I hope) peacefully.

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    So cute. Love your kitty.
  4. Have you ever seen a Diva?

    Quote Originally Posted by catmandu View Post
    Our Diva of Cat General was HH Lady Edwina Rose , now an Fashionista Angel.
    Maybe Misty would like some hats , Pat
    As long as it's a a crown. I don't think she would mind. lol
  5. A Lynxie to share.

    Quote Originally Posted by mrspunkysmom View Post
    Welcome Lady Bella. You are as beautiful and Titan is handsome.

    Thank you mrspunkysmom.

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