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  1. Don't forget Our Pets During The Storm

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    The sounds of thunders fright them so much. How much more if deep waters engulf them. In the Philippines, where I was from typhoons and storms come all year round. Just imagine how many letters are there in the English alphabet. That is the MINIMUM number of typhoons that come across my country. Thus, Iím pretty got used to it since I was born. The same experience my buddies had during their lifetime.
    But just like you guys from the other side ...
  2. How Do You Get To Name Your Dog?

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    Did you ever had that trouble of calling your dogís name and somebody come to you instead? Sound names for pets particularly dogs may need a few thoughts to create a better bonding and endearment when you call them. You surely wouldnít like a name that goes or can create troubles later on. Finding a name for your dog sometimes create funny experiences and sometimes troubles. Bear in mind that what you will call your pet dogs may affect and reflect ...
  3. Why Dog Treats?

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    For many of us, our dogs are our constant companion. They serve as our antidote to our stress, anxiety and other burdens in our everyday lives. That is why we took care of them like they are an integral part of us and our family. We try everything to make them healthy like us so that they can be with us longer and enjoy each otherís company. We took time choosing the best for them like our own children. Taking them to the vet to check and maintain their being. Comfort them by making them feel secured
  4. Today in my house (:

    Whenever my family members go on a trip or something like that my home is pretty much the go to place for caring for their cats or dogs. I love when they come over because I don't have a dog only cats ^.^ So it's a different veiw of the animal world when my aunt brings over her White West Highland Terrier. He is just the cutest little dog and so nice too! (: He is mostly calm and thank goodness he likes my cats because that would have been a problem U.U.
    Anyway today and this weekened I ...
  5. (Info) Cookie

    Name: Cookie
    Breed: Netherland Dwarf
    Age: 1 year
    Birthday: ​March 23, 2013
    Weight: 3.8 pounds
    Location: Hagerstown, MD
    Daily Diet: pellets, timothy hay, water
    Treats: cucumber, carrots, lettuce, veggie puffs, sweet potato sticks, timothy hay squares
    Toys: blocky, tennis ball, apple wood sticks, plush banana, tomato
    First Vet Visit: January 25, 2014

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