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  1. The Drama of Rescuing Sprig, the Dog Plucked Off the Steep Devon Cliff

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    Sprig, a nine year old springer spaniel has been missing for over one week since August 22 when he disappeared during one of the many walks he and his owners, Mr & Mrs Sanders did on Devon Point. The couple mentioned that Sprig never get lost on each of their coast walks and that losing him on that day was not so ordinary. The couple said itís very off Sprigís character to wander off the cliff. The couple tried to locate Sprig by reporting him missing and ...
  2. Jiff, the Fastest Dog in the Planet Walking on Two Paws

    Guess whoís the latest addition in breaking records of the Guinness World of Book Records? Itís not a bird. Itís not a plane. No itís not Superman. But could possibly be a Super dog! Introducing the adorable, cute and talented Jiff, the L.A. Pomeranian who is the fastest dog in the planet walking on two paws. Walking and running on his hind legs is no sweat to Jiff. He can do 10 meters in 6.56 seconds. Unbelievable? Well, just watch and be amazed ...
  3. Yoyo: The Very Large Cat Dog of Selwyn College

    I really find it weird as a policy in certain places that dogs are nor allowed but cats are. Anyhow, rules are rules and laws are laws and no matter how odd they may seem, citizens are bound to follow them for organization and order. As they say: We are a nation of laws but not men. So here goes one article I find so weird but fortunately alls well that ends well. So here goes the article:
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    Roger Mosey, master at Selwyn College in Cambridge needed to ...
  4. How To Teach Loyalty To Your Dogs

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    Dogs are the most loyal animal on the planet. But why are they so loyal? A dogís loyalty can be harnessed for the benefit of us human companion. Their loyalty can help us human with companionship and help alleviate our depression, stress and anxiety. In order to teach loyalty to your canine companion, you must know a few things about them that will help you in teaching them to stay and cling to you.
    Dogs hate isolation. Dogs by nature are pack animals. ...
  5. Pamper Your Pets on National Dog Day!

    I found this article as I was reading about things on National Dog Day and thought of sharing it here for your benefit:

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    For most of us, our pets are our loyal savior and life saver. Our pets help us in controlling and managing our stress, anxiety and depression. In some ways it help us manage our own health issues too like lowering of blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, improve blood circulation due to the activities done by our pets making ...
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