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  1. Pixie's Paw-some Adventures: A Surprise Visitor

    Hey there, cat lovers! Let me tell you about the amazing adventure that unfolded today between me and my furry friend, Pixie. It all started on a sunny morning when I was enjoying my cup of coffee, gazing out the window, and savoring the tranquility of the day.

    As I sat there, lost in my thoughts, I noticed Pixie perched on the windowsill, her tail swishing back and forth with curiosity. Little did I know that today would bring an unexpected surprise, courtesy of my adventurous feline ...
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  2. RE: ESTER Cat of the Day - POTATO PEELS ARE TOXIC TO CATS!!! They are full of are full of glycoalkaloid solanine

    Potato peels, just like raw potatoes, are full of glycoalkaloid solanine that is toxic to cats. What's more, peels are covered in dirt, bacteria, and pesticides that you don't want your cat ingesting. It's unlikely anyone would consciously feed potato peelings to a cat, but you know what they say about cats and curiosity.
  3. How to deal with your dogs separation anxiety.

    You may Wonder why your dog whines all the time, or barks at you constantly.
    It could be a sign of separation anxiety. Dogs with separation anxiety often bark or whine at their owners as a way to tell you they are stressed.
    When you leave they may body slam your door, jump on you handle and sometimes may be able to unlock your deadbolt on your door.
    These are all signs of severe separation anxiety.
    In some cases medication may be needed meds like xanax are made for dogs ...
  4. My dog is in heat does anyone have suggestions?

    So she has been in heat for a week now and in alot of pain please does anyone have an idea of what to do.
    She has been whining and crying and bleeding really heavy.
    Please any suggestions will help tumendisly.
  5. If anyone wants there pets drawn

    Hi there fellow pet lovers.
    I am furpup67
    I thought you would would like to learn my about me.
    I love dogs cats and birds.
    I love  pet talk a great place for people to eneract.
    I draw people's pets for free and if any wants there pet drawen in can.
    I hope you all are doing well.
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