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  1. Mr Amazing Experienced the Glitz and Glam of Being a Celebrity Pooch

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    Mr Amazing, the 4 Ĺ month old tiny Pomeranian puppy was Paris Hiltonís newest expensive toy dog and has been roaming around Los Angeles with his glitzy doting mum. The snow white pooch was cuddled by his wealthy mom around Beverly Hills Wednesday, Sept. 17. Paris was reportedly bought her new pricey toy dog for a whopping $13,000 from a seller named Joanne Pauze of a Canadian Calgary breeder Betty Pedram of Bettyís Teacup Yorkies who shipped orders from their ...

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  2. Jiff, the Fastest Dog in the Planet Walking on Two Paws

    Guess whoís the latest addition in breaking records of the Guinness World of Book Records? Itís not a bird. Itís not a plane. No itís not Superman. But could possibly be a Super dog! Introducing the adorable, cute and talented Jiff, the L.A. Pomeranian who is the fastest dog in the planet walking on two paws. Walking and running on his hind legs is no sweat to Jiff. He can do 10 meters in 6.56 seconds. Unbelievable? Well, just watch and be amazed ...

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