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  1. help help titan needs help

    [QUOTE=titan;2459354]please reply anybody titan did something to his paw he was bleeding all over the place my wife is a nurse and had me apply alum to stop the bleeding it seems to be comming from between his toe i got no idea what he did but we applyed alum to stop bleeding god he was dripping blood wife wrapped it tightly iam just not sure were to go know what should i apply for infection i really cant afford to take him to vet at the moment iam outta work please any advice would help thank ...
  2. A Gift awaiting...

    Garry Bear had been at the animal shelter for one year, when my daughter and I went strolling through to find a cat. All the other cats were begging for attention; crying; reaching through the cage; hoping for someone to just touch them. Garry Bear didn’t care; didn’t cry or even look at us. In fact, Garry looked toward the back of the cage, just a cold sheet of steel. His heart was just like that cold cage, cause Garry had lost his will to live. The dreams of his life on the streets of Gary ...
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  3. Sylvester and Charcoal ...Do you believe in life after love?

    December 1984 my friend, Sue, had called to tell me that her kittens were now 4 months old and driving her crazy. I would love a kitten for my daughter, who was 5 years old at the time. We picked out this beautiful, tiger, male kitten and named him Sylvester. He was so loved, especially by our daughter.

    A couple years later we adopted this beautiful black lab mix….the tricky word is “mix”. He was the cutest puppy you had ever seen, that grew into the ugliest dog you had ever seen.
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  4. Clover got her contest prize today!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sowa View Post
    I entered Clover in a photo contest, and she won It was for best Labby smile. She won with this picture:

    Anyway. Here is the collar I picked out for her, we just got it today. I think it's so cute. Pink and yellow. Like her
    Clover looks so pretty with her new collar on.
  5. How do you eat a banana?

    Quote Originally Posted by RICHARD View Post
    I eat mine with my mouth, but that is besides the point?


    The real question is, How do you peel your banana?

    Do you start from the stem end or the bottom end?

    A dinner is riding on the outcome of this poll so please vote honestly.

    (There is no electoral college BS stuff happening so your votes WILL BE COUTNED).
    I take a sharp perry knife & cut the bottom of the banana off & then peel ...

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