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  1. A Lynxie to share.

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    Welcome Lady Bella. You are as beautiful and Titan is handsome.

    Thank you mrspunkysmom.
  2. A Lynxie to share.

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    You're a pretty girl Bella!!! Just look at those eyes!
    Thank you Chocolatepuppy. Is your dog a lab???
  3. A Lynxie to share.

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    She may be so tiny because she was pregnant as such a young cat that her nutrients that normally would have helped her grow more went to her kittens, but it still was not enough. But enjoy your petite little cutie for the eternal kitten she is!
    I will. She and the others have a forever home. They love us as much as we love them. We are so blessed.
  4. A Lynxie to share.

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    GORGEOUS girl! How old is she? How did she come to live with you?

    She is 2 years old and we adopted her through Petsmart about a year ago. She was in a car accident and was pregnant and lost all her babies. They spayed her and we found her at Petsmart. She was so sweet and lovey we couldn't say no. lol
  5. Hello.

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    Hi Elyse. Thanks for stopping in to visit. How old is Cassie and what does she look like?
    She's 16. This is one of my favorite pictures of her. Waiting for her meal... Please put down the camera so we can eat!

    She is so beautiful. You are a lucky mom. Thanks for sending me a picture.

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