Pamper Your Pets on National Dog Day!

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I found this article as I was reading about things on National Dog Day and thought of sharing it here for your benefit:

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For most of us, our pets are our loyal savior and life saver. Our pets help us in controlling and managing our stress, anxiety and depression. In some ways it help us manage our own health issues too like lowering of blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, improve blood circulation due to the activities done by our pets making our bodies have the needed body exercises and movements. They serve us as our constant companion and personal entertainer. They help and share in our daily activities like entertaining our children and guests while we do about our regular routines. They help safeguard our household against outside threats. They are simply an important part of our lives as we are important to them in raising and taking good care of them. Remembering and giving them some pampering even for a day is but just a great consolation to their great effort and the many beneficial services they have been giving us. A great idea to treat them was making them feel pretty, healthy and great.
Taking them to a place where they can feel great pampering and relaxation is just about the brightest treat we can give them. A pet spa is a wonderful place for them to unwind. Some of the services a pet spa for dog, cat and ferret offers are the following:
• Full body grooming
• Nutrition consultation
• luxury massage such as reiki healing and other types of pet healing massage
• Bath services with coat brushing, shampoo, dematting, nail trimming, ears cleaning and plucking
• Special thalassotherapy mud bath
• Facials like blueberry facials, etc.
• Nail clipping and painting
• Emulsifying & exfoliating skin and hair treatments.
• Moisturizing & Conditioning skin and hair treatments.
• Day spa, lodging, training, daycare (if applicable)

Services can be offered within the spa salon, by appointment or home service treatments. Cost of each services varies per breed, weight, location and appointment but published rates range from $30 to as much as over $100. Some prices depend upon the completion of the treatment and services done.
• The final price of your pet's grooming services will depend upon breed type, length of visit, approximate weight, and behavior during the treatment but final price can only be determined after the completion of services.

Experience the ultimate grooming and pampering experience in a spa made especially for our pets. They deserve it since it will only be on occasion they can experience it. While we experience their life lasting services to us making us laugh, smile, relieving our tension and stresses, anxiety and depression. We may not notice it, but our pets gradually heals us and brought us back to health. Just seeing their funny faces, experience their funny ways and moves, our adorable pets are our personal entertainer and magical healer. It is but just fitting to give them something in return like a needed relaxation and pampering even just for a day. And what fitting day it would be than a holiday treat on this National Dog Day!

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