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  1. Pixie's Paw-some Adventures: A Surprise Visitor

    Hey there, cat lovers! Let me tell you about the amazing adventure that unfolded today between me and my furry friend, Pixie. It all started on a sunny morning when I was enjoying my cup of coffee, gazing out the window, and savoring the tranquility of the day.

    As I sat there, lost in my thoughts, I noticed Pixie perched on the windowsill, her tail swishing back and forth with curiosity. Little did I know that today would bring an unexpected surprise, courtesy of my adventurous feline ...
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  2. Help, My Dog Canít Hear!

    A silent disability.
    Deafness in dogs can generally be accounted due to genetic defects (congenital) or it can also be acquired due to trauma, accident, disease or old age. It can either be partial or complete hearing loss which could affect a single or both ears of the dog. Although breed is not a factor when it comes to the nature of disability, some breeds according to some veterinary medical articles are common to less pigmented dogs ...
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