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  1. Clover got her contest prize today!

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    I entered Clover in a photo contest, and she won It was for best Labby smile. She won with this picture:

    Anyway. Here is the collar I picked out for her, we just got it today. I think it's so cute. Pink and yellow. Like her
    Clover looks so pretty with her new collar on.
  2. How do you eat a banana?

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    I eat mine with my mouth, but that is besides the point?


    The real question is, How do you peel your banana?

    Do you start from the stem end or the bottom end?

    A dinner is riding on the outcome of this poll so please vote honestly.

    (There is no electoral college BS stuff happening so your votes WILL BE COUTNED).
    I take a sharp perry knife & cut the bottom of the banana off & then peel ...
  3. Dog Bite??

    Killing the dog does not cure the bite. By Abraham Lincoln
  4. finally friday

    Annie and Charlotte both taking naps in the sun oh what it would be like to be a pet and not worry about bills
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  5. Thursday 10-25-2012

    Sitting here watching Annie sunbathe and so thankful she is recovering from her ordeal of getting spayed...NEVER in my life have I had to watch a pet go thru that kind of ordeal all from dirty utensils and the vet won't take any responsibility towards it either...You can be sure any body I know that might THINK of going to them I will tell my story
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