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  1. Today in my house (:

    Whenever my family members go on a trip or something like that my home is pretty much the go to place for caring for their cats or dogs. I love when they come over because I don't have a dog only cats ^.^ So it's a different veiw of the animal world when my aunt brings over her White West Highland Terrier. He is just the cutest little dog and so nice too! (: He is mostly calm and thank goodness he likes my cats because that would have been a problem U.U.
    Anyway today and this weekened I ...
  2. (Info) Cookie

    Name: Cookie
    Breed: Netherland Dwarf
    Age: 1 year
    Birthday: ​March 23, 2013
    Weight: 3.8 pounds
    Location: Hagerstown, MD
    Daily Diet: pellets, timothy hay, water
    Treats: cucumber, carrots, lettuce, veggie puffs, sweet potato sticks, timothy hay squares
    Toys: blocky, tennis ball, apple wood sticks, plush banana, tomato
    First Vet Visit: January 25, 2014

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  3. Oh Gosh

    If it was not for God i would have lost my horse.. the other day ... i had an odd feeling to go check the red gate... i ignored it for a quick second thinking it was just Paranoia ... like i usually am with the gates well... i went out my boots on backwards might i add.. well hes taking flight around the pasture... im thinking hes just having fun i look and the red GATE IS FREAKING OPEN !!!!!! it snapped open he had no halter on.. weve had problems with people trying to steal our animals... ...
  4. When you Have AN abused animal

    Questions i used to ask myself and sometimes still do although i catch myself now.

    1. Am I really helping him ?

    2. am i just making it worse ?

    3. Can i ever succeed?

    4. Can i just give up?

    we all know we have said that once in awhile with our abused horses if you have had one i always wondred those when i first got him i got my answers in 2012 yes i was helping him he was adjusting to men no i wasnt just making it ...
  5. Meet Omar Blue and his Pack

    Quote Originally Posted by Olyn Warfield View Post
    I am a writer of "true tales" that I love sharing with animal lovers. My inspiration is my dog, Omar Blue who was honored to be "Dog of the Day" a few days ago.

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    Omar Blue and his pack have started a town they call K9 Town, USA.

    As the pack overcomes numerous obstacles and threats, you'll be reminded of the importance of family (whether it be by blood or affiliation).

    There is a mystique

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