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  1. Hello.

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    Hi Elyse. Thanks for stopping in to visit. How old is Cassie and what does she look like?
    She's 16. This is one of my favorite pictures of her. Waiting for her meal... Please put down the camera so we can eat!

    She is so beautiful. You are a lucky mom. Thanks for sending me a picture.
  2. Hello.

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    All terrific reps of the cat kingdom (queendom?)
    It's a jungle in my kingdom. lol
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  4. First real post i guess

    Well this is our first day on here and so we're kinda starting a blog about what we do each day. A basic over view of our life is that this blog is going to be narrated by the dogs point of view because it's what we did on another site and it's just easier now so Hunter and Ruby are taking turns "writing" this blog.
    Hunter: We live in Texas with a few other animals and our family. I'm a standard labradoodle and unfortunately I have to live with Ruby who has a bit of a temper(ow, ...
  5. Hunter and Ruby's blog

    Hi! I really don't know what I'm doing I'm just kinda testing this out. I guess in a blog you tell like what the dog's do each day but I was busy all day so all we did with them really is the daily training, brushing and what not. Going to try to make a more interesting post once I get around the site a little more.
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