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02-27-2006, 09:00 AM
I need help, and I know you internet detectives (aka Googlers) can help me. I know you've all heard about the horrendous client I have that I've dubbed CNL (Crazy Nutty Lady) well the drama still rages on and I'm going to give her one last chance (haven't I said that before? :confused: ) She complains about every charge, despite the fact that I KNOW they fees are perfectly chargable. Can you all help me find links to respectable info where they talk about how a freelance person charges their clients?

What exactly am I looking for?
A site or article that says a freelance business person needs to be charging for phone calls, faxes, emails, etc in addition to the bulk of the work you're providing so long as it is related to the project that you've been hired for.

This is my FINAL last chance for her. I will be sending these links to her and telling her that what I am doing is industry standard and if she doesn't believe me, then she can read the links to the various business journals that I am so nicely providing for her. If she still has problems with it, either take a hike or keep quiet and pay me (because she'll HAVE to know that despite charging her for things she thinks are non-chargable, she knows my bill STILL comes in less since I charge less per hour -- another whole issue there).

I am actually ready to fully let her go. I am not so afraid anymore of what it would do to us financially. I did my first full week as a dog trainer this past week, and as I sat down last night to do my comissions.... well lets just say I was impressed. I won't be setting the world on fire, but I just might be making a decent pay doing dog training. (It also is VERY nice that I LOVE the dog training!)

02-27-2006, 03:23 PM
i hope this helps to figure out things