View Full Version : What a scare I had the other night!

01-31-2006, 11:05 AM
I am sure that most of you remember how we rescued our Sequoia and how she is pretty aggressive with most other animals and had the reputation of dining on a cat one of the times she had been tied up without food or water with her previous jerk of an owner.

Well we have 5 cats and have always been very careful about having Sequoia around them. We make sure she is on leash when the cats are in the living room and when it is her turn for evening living room time with us the cats are securely away in the bedroom. She has given us mixed reactions to the cats. They have varied to her pretending they are not even there to snarling, snapping and trying to grab at them. One mostly in particular. The same summer we rescued Sequoia the kitten Trouble also came into our lives. He is a Bengal cross with attitude coming out of his pores and he loves to tease Sequoia.

Well the other evening when we got home from work I went out on the porch to check on the food for the stray cats we are feeding while Brian was walking Sequoia. I came back in and looked down at my feet and only saw Katie standing there so I shooed her back and shut both the glass storm door and the inside door. I sat down and was waiting for Brian to bring Sequoia in the house from her walk so I could make sure Trouble wasn't dancing around in front of her daring her to chase him.

Brian opened the storm door and then backed up and pushed it again. I thought he saw Trouble and I yelled that Trouble wasn't in the living room. He hollered back that NO...TROUBLE IS RIGHT HERE!!!!

I ran to the door and somehow the little brat had managed to get himself trapped between the storm door and the inside door. Now there is plenty of room for him there without being smooshed but I HAD LOOKED WHEN I SHUT THE DOOR AND DIDN'T SEE HIM!!!!

When Brian opened the glass door there Trouble was...Sequoia had a paw on him and her nose buried in his belly quicker than Brian could react.

But she didn't bite him. Here she had a perfect opportunity to take out the brat that has been teasing her for a year and a half and she didn't take it. She just snuffled and sniffed his belly while holding him down. Now Brian of course pulled her back and shut the door on him again and I retrieved him from the inside so Brian could bring Sequoia in the house. She just wiggled and wooed and put her ears back while wagging her tail.

I wanted to puke at the possibilities that could have happened. I hugged the stuffing out of Trouble then I went over and hugged the stuffing out of Sequoia and thanked her for not eating my Bubbleboy.

The next morning as Brian was taking her out to her kennel she saw Trouble and almost bit Brian's leg snarling and snapping and lunging at him. *sigh*

I don't understand why she didn't bite him but I am sure grateful to her. Sometimes her unpredictablness just flummoxes me.


01-31-2006, 11:15 AM
amazing..lol..but that is the way animals are..my brother had a rottie since a pup and he was always good with his to girls, they kinda grew togather..and never one prob, but one day, Racher told him no, and he lunged at her almost taking her face..scary...

02-01-2006, 10:40 AM
I am never sure now how she is going to react to a cat or dog. I am just very happy that in this instance she decided to just be nosy... :D

02-01-2006, 03:17 PM
Maybe they're just more unpredictable when they are a rescue. You never know what set them off in the past. Glad to hear Trouble was ok. Give that beautiful Sequoia a ((((big hug))) from me.