View Full Version : yet, I met another guy... advice?

01-30-2006, 07:16 PM
Ok so I met a guy.... he's 25.. very nice guy, got back from Iraq/been in the navy for 7 years and now he's done.. and he's considering on OSU.. it was the only the reason why he IM'd me.. so, we chatted for like 3 hrs last night right? He lives right nextdoor... *city by mine*.. we met up today at Starbucks just to hang out, talk... he smiled the entire time (he was pretty good looking too) and we had a good time chatting.. we talked.. no awkwardness or silence.. it was great.. he chatted about how he's deaf in one ear because of a gerenade that blew up by him.. ( a kid tried to throw it at him, but blew up his own hand instead..).. when he asked me why I didn't call him last night, I told him about my hearing impairment issue and he told me that's just an excuse and I can do it... that made me want to meet him, lol, I don't know if that's just silly or not.. sooooo.. I think it went well because before he left, he asked me if i still had his #... (cause he gave me his # last night)......and I kinda blurted out that I'd call him later.. (what, I wasn't even thinking about saying it... just saying yes to the fact I had his #... I'd call but I'm scared to because I just have a difficult time on the phone) and he smiled, and I said it was good to meet him and that if he wanted to hang out.. he said yeah.. then that's when he asked me about the # and left.. what does that mean?