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12-28-2005, 04:37 PM
What do you like and dislike about your room? It doesn't have to be a bedroom...the room you would call your own, perhaps where you spend the most time or the room you enjoy most??

Mine is my bedroom. I spend most of my time there, and is really the only room I call "mine".
Here are some pics of what I like.
My desk. I dislike the fact that it isn't that big, but it is where I do my drawing and stuff. I really like my frame that Robin gave me, and I kinda personalized it a litle :o (if you look close, you can kinda see a picture of Nebo's nose ;))
My shelf. I love that it is built into the wall and that is it big. I love everything on it! I have a lot of little figurines and stuff. Someof them I painted myself (the eagle, lion, white horse, and a black and white dog which you can't see in this picture)
There, you can see the b&w dog I painted on...bottom shelf to your left. See my swiffer? Those things are amazing!! I dusted my whole room in like 5 mins..usually it takes forever so I don't do it much :o
I looooove this horse. Guess how much it cost?
My bed. I love my bed! lol. I really don't need such a big bed as I don't use it all.It gives me more room for my pets to sleep with me though.

More coming

12-28-2005, 04:42 PM
I really like my door too. My friend gave me this labbie one for xmas. I adore it!
I like the space in my room
It's the same on both sides. However, I don't like that other bed. I would like to take it out and put in a love seat and get a small entertainment center for my TV and a table for that space....I can't afford it though
I really like my pictures :D (although my kiba ones fell down, so it looks uneven now)
I really love it when my pets sleep next to each other

That's most of it. I probably spend to much time in my room really lol. I pretty much mentioned the dislikes I have, but I wish I had less stuff..I can't seem to throw anything out either!

Let's see yours

12-28-2005, 04:43 PM
LIKES; spacious; LARGE; my ceiling; extra closets; I have a couch

DISLIKES; its always messy because friends are ALWAYS over; no windows (in the basement); either really hot or really cold depending if you leave the door open or closed; smells funny because we had mold in the closet a few years back LOL

http://dontstay.zoto.com/img/24/86985a1aefe42ba0c0b34e5f151bdb6c-.jpg (http://dontstay.zoto.com/user/image_detail/IMG.0.86985a1aefe42ba0c0b34e5f151bdb6c-_CAT.0_SER.room/position-desc/0-30) http://dontstay.zoto.com/img/24/294b7822fb4e221a0db2f019c33f7f51-.jpg (http://dontstay.zoto.com/user/image_detail/IMG.6.294b7822fb4e221a0db2f019c33f7f51-_CAT.0_SER.room/position-desc/0-30) http://dontstay.zoto.com/img/24/67fbd3edbb898336047fcc8b0c2cf20b-.jpg (http://dontstay.zoto.com/user/image_detail/IMG.1.67fbd3edbb898336047fcc8b0c2cf20b-_CAT.0_SER.room/position-desc/0-30) http://dontstay.zoto.com/img/24/847828291566134278a44762c1d21949-.jpg (http://dontstay.zoto.com/user/image_detail/IMG.2.847828291566134278a44762c1d21949-_CAT.0_SER.room/position-desc/0-30) http://dontstay.zoto.com/img/24/cd2e2fde0508cd11339182a891e0c667-.jpg (http://dontstay.zoto.com/user/image_detail/IMG.3.cd2e2fde0508cd11339182a891e0c667-_CAT.0_SER.room/position-desc/0-30) http://dontstay.zoto.com/img/24/89cc168bc68c6e74dcff487bd0749bb7-.jpg (http://dontstay.zoto.com/user/image_detail/IMG.4.89cc168bc68c6e74dcff487bd0749bb7-_CAT.0_SER.room/position-desc/0-30) http://dontstay.zoto.com/img/24/5fa8fbae29bfb02b03cb62104a248891-.jpg (http://dontstay.zoto.com/user/image_detail/IMG.5.5fa8fbae29bfb02b03cb62104a248891-_CAT.0_SER.room/position-desc/0-30)

Old pictures but the only real difference is I have a smaller bed (queen sized waterbed popped) and a bigger monitor and TV ;)

12-28-2005, 04:51 PM
Hey, I'll trade you a twin sized bed for your love seat ;D haha, jk. *runs off crying*
Very cool room, though.

Miss Z
12-28-2005, 05:09 PM
I don't have any pics of my room at the moment, but i love my bed! It's like a bunk bed, but without the bottom bed, instead there's a desk and a futon chair which folds out into another bed! It's so cool:cool: . I dislike the fact that my room is so cluttered, and it's annoying that my brother's room has a better view of the garden:rolleyes:

12-28-2005, 05:40 PM
I like my room because of my TV, Dvd player and my bed:p But I hate the fact that is WAY to small for all of the stuff I have! I wish we could knock the wall down that goes to the spair room to make mine bigger but that will never happen! I will take pictures when it's clean...:o

12-28-2005, 05:53 PM
currently I don't have a bedroom, I share with my twin when I sleep but when it comes to places to hang out or put my stuff, well it goes wherever I can find a place for it in the house! But anyways.. I'm going to get a room soon because my older sis is moving out. The dislikes is that it's small,The likes it's downstairs so I'm not around everyone AND I'll have it all to myself... I'm already designing so many cool things for it! yay

12-28-2005, 08:08 PM
I, like many, live in the basement. These pictures aren't even half of my room, only the parts I live in.
Likes: away from everyone... surround sound for dvd player... door that leads straight outside.... hard concrete-like carpet.... the messy-ness....
Dislikes: abnormally steep stairs... you can hear everything that goes on upstairs...
Stairs leading down...
I must say, my favorite part. My desk! Marley's tank is there, and most all of my music (including 8-tracks, cassettes, and cds), and my laptop! Not to mention the butter bowls^^.
My bed, nothing I can really complain about here.... except for the odd fact that their is a pig under my bed...
And the stairs leading up...and Khaith!

12-29-2005, 12:44 AM
ok here is my room, I am a total neat freak and this is so dirty for me, I don't know if it's dirty for you, but hey, it's the holidays!!
entering my room you will find my bed, I got thease new pillows for christmas to go along with my new quilt that we ordered at jcpenny's still has not come yet :(
ok this is my dog colage of little dog nic nac's, leashes, and pictures, and up above you will see husky_mom's picture she drew of t.j!! :D Thanks again husky_mom, still have not got zoey's framed yet!!!
a close up on the drawing and a very cute picture of t.j
omg!! the clatter!!! loook at that!! thats so gross to look at!!!
THis is my favorite!!! it just bring the whole room together!!! a picture of t.j and if you reconize that picture it's from t.j's dog of the day!!! then there is a picture of Zoey and me when she was a puppy.
the desk I do my homework and shelter's paper's on another clatter!!! and there is jedi's tank!!!
rudy's tank and kendy's bed.
that's it my room is very little girliswh but I love it!

12-29-2005, 09:28 AM
I don't have any pictures of my room, but....

Likes: Really big (like 18 ft x 14 ft), I can fit Taffy's cage and Buttons' cage in there, my TV, when I'm in there I have some privacy

Dislikes: The carpet is pink! :eek: And since it has been there for 15 + years it is fading into an even uglier pink! I also don't like that I have a huge balcony door/window right in the middle of my room. It takes up a lot of space.