View Full Version : out boxing day shopping...went GREAT!

12-26-2005, 06:49 PM
well everything is cheap on boxing day so we of coarse went shopping :p with my moms christmas bonus and money from my grandparents we had plenty so no need to skimp! lets see we bought:

-a new baby gate for the top of the stairs, really nice, exellent quality!
-new winter boots, mine were so old they acted like sponges and actually pulled the water IN.
-2 new baking sheets
-brand new set of high quality cuttlery
-LOTS of doggie toys
-new light bulbs
-and some groceys

we also came accross some people we knew, at canadian tire we came accross Dave, he was our naighbore for several years, the one that gave us Shadow, I guess they recently had have have Toby PTS :( Toby was a great big yellow mutt, I knew that dog even before he was neutered, he was the sweetest thing ever, but he had started to gain weight then lost it really quick, they took him to the vet and had a lot of testing done, turned out he was FULL of cancer and had to be PTS :( and Jules is TEN years old now! Jules is their Rottie, I remeber when she was brought home as a little puppy! I cant believe she is so old now, they are looking for a new dog, Dave wants another big dog but he is working the rigs now so its his SA and sons that have to take care of the dogs, and they want a smaller pup. he said his son, who I have known since he was 3 years old is now in grade 9 and in football training, I simpley cannot picture that kid as anything but a short chubby cheeked little boy lol

then we stopped at dairy queen and guess who was working their? non other then my old best friends who I have not seen in 3 years' sister! lol I almost did not recignize her, because I am not used to being taller then her lol

and at petectera I was dying to adopt one of the kittys, a little black and whith "border cat"(as we borde rcollie people call them) by the name of..Kali fate or what? lol she kept reaching through the bars and grabing my arm and purring, I wanted to take her home so bad but my mom said no way :(

12-26-2005, 10:16 PM
Glad you had a great day and got some bargains, I used to venture out every boxing day and buy my next years decorations and cards etc, but I have given up , too many crowds nowadays, still for those of you who can be bothered there are some great bargains to be had for sure, so are you all shopped out now lol? :)

12-27-2005, 05:51 AM
Sounds as though you got alot of bargains :D. And met up with old friends. lol i know too well about BC cats, a friend of mine has a lovely boy (Long coated) he looks and acts like a miniature BC ;).

12-27-2005, 06:32 AM
i got a laptop for half price but thats it glad you found such great bargins