View Full Version : What Munich Cats Look Like

Edwina's Secretary
12-25-2005, 08:39 PM

Tubby & Peanut's Mom
12-25-2005, 08:55 PM
Cool! They appear to be similar to the Chicago cows? Neat. :D

12-25-2005, 09:38 PM
Cool! Is there a story behind the scuplture/scupltor?

12-26-2005, 01:38 AM
Very cool! We had Car Statues around Lansing this past summer. I like the kitties better. :D

12-26-2005, 01:45 AM
Wow, those are some cats! Did you rub their noses?

12-26-2005, 06:35 AM
Just look at the first cat's expression - what is Sara doing behing his back?? :eek: By the happy look on the last one, I think she's giving him scritchies, and she has it down to perfection. :D

Great pictures!

12-26-2005, 08:30 AM
Very cool :cool:

12-26-2005, 05:01 PM
I thought that they would be Regular Cats,only eating Bratwurst,and weraing Cat Liederhosen.
And having a Few Stiens of Milk.
Those are Funny Statues!
Were the ES glad to see you when you came home?

12-26-2005, 07:43 PM
They're gorgeous. :D It looks like everyone had a great time. :)

12-26-2005, 10:21 PM
Those are gorgeous statues.... what's the story behind them?

12-27-2005, 03:09 AM
Yes, Barbara tell us about the story behind them. ;)

I had to laught at that one though! :D


12-27-2005, 11:14 AM
The lion is part of the Wittelsbach arms - and yes it is the same story aas with cows etc. and started in 2005.

Shops can buy a lion and have it painted. The sausage lion belongs to a meet chain, the beer lion to a Bavarian pub, the wine lion to another restaurant - and he was Sara's best friend immediately ;)

01-26-2006, 06:19 PM
:) Those guys are pretty neat.. Guess they are not potty trained? Ha Ha

01-26-2006, 06:21 PM
My husband and I helped work on 2 projects for the spay and netur task force. we did bears one year and one of moose. auctioned them off to raise money.

Laura's Babies
01-26-2006, 06:36 PM
They had the same thing going on with bee hives around the town where Eddie lives. You bought the undone thing and painted or decorated it like you wanted and it was a contest. It was amazing how peoples minds saw them different and did the things they did with them.... I LOVE CATS so I like the cat ones better!

01-26-2006, 07:32 PM
There was a woman that did something like that with horses here in NJ!!

01-27-2006, 04:17 AM
Munich is full of big cats! :)

Miss Meow
01-27-2006, 05:05 AM
Wow, they are beautiful! I love the sausages coming out of the sausage lion's mouth! :D

01-31-2006, 03:28 PM
I got to touch their noses when I was in Munich on the 21st :D They are pretty neat, each very different in colouring.

01-31-2006, 05:25 PM
Fort Wayne did the same thing, but with mastadons! (Remains have been found in the area, and the Mastadon is the mascot of Indiana/Purdue Fort Wayne College.) Artsist painted them and they were displayed all aorund town all summer. Sadly, the first week that they were on display, some vandals ripped off the tusk of one. So the artist made a huige bandaid and put it over the area. He also made a huge "Get Well Card" and attached it to the mastadon! It was sad, but adorable. In the fall, there was a huge auction, and the proceeds went to our local United Way! I loved that since I work for a United Way partner agency! :D

Edwina's Secretary
01-31-2006, 05:56 PM
That explains it! When I saw the mastadons in Fort Wayne last summer I wondered how they were chosen!

Rie Rie
01-31-2006, 06:52 PM
Oh what kitties they are!!!!