View Full Version : gee, my family is so festive...lol

12-24-2005, 08:54 PM
really, my family is so festive and in the christmas spirit :rolleyes: lets see I got home from work today, lit gingerbread scented candles, turned on the x-mas tree lights, made gingerbread cookies, did the dishes, brought the turkey upstairs to thaw, tossed a piza in the oven for my mom and brother(pizza was easy and fast so they wanted it lol) they grabed there slices and went off on their own to eat, I then brought the cookies into the living room, ordered everyone in the house to the LR for gifts and cookies, my mom got each of us a blanket, my brother did not go shopping yet, I am apperntly the only one who knows how to shop without spending a fortune..though it probably helps that I work in a drug store lol I got them both a bunch of different stuff, my mom and brother laughed that if it was not for me x-mas would have come and gone without their knowledge, and would have felt really stupid when people asked how their christmas was lol I mean really I did EVERYTHING this christmas! I set up the tree by myself, because when I asked when we were going to put the tree up the answer I got was "I was wondering when YOU were going to put the tree up too" I also decorated the house and did the baking and shopping, when we went to my dads for x-mas I had to drag everyone out of bed so we could be at his place by 5pm :eek: honeslty I am just so out of place in this house, my mom and brother mopeing around doing nothing, me all cheery and doing everything for everyone lol