View Full Version : update on lil Zara....

12-22-2005, 02:07 PM
Well Zara was looking a bit not too good so I thought, however I rang the vet and she said the fact she ate the first night was a good indication all was well and she was probably stressed from being caged, and it was best to let her go, my girlfriend also thought that and I have to say they both were right.

Two nights and two days in a cage is a long time for a feral kitty, I was trying to ensure she was ok before letting her go, but it was better to let her go, she had plenty of time to recover from it that way.

I took her over to Vicky and Duchess and the kittens, but she just bolted up the fence, was worried she might split those stitches, and she disappeared, the vet said don't worry if she is gone for a couple of days, However I went out to feed kitties on the fence , banging the spoon on the plate, they know to come when I do that, Vicky first appeared and who should pop her head over behind her my beloved lil Zara, I have never been happier, and she woofed her food down to.

Guess who was first over the fence this morning, yep Zara, all enjoyed a good feed today, and Zara was still pigging out when everyone had left, she was always good at getting most of the food and why she was so easily trapped, she seemed fine, but she did hiss at me , the first time ever, she has never hissed at me, when she was caged or ever before, but still she is doing ok and that is a huge relief for me. :)