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11-29-2005, 07:00 PM
so I made this thread because i was thinking we all have storys behind our animals name's and i was curious how you named your animals so here it goes...........
Zoey's (DOG):Well I had the name's mollinee and pheabe pheebs short. My parents both didn't like those name. Told me about zoey marie, at that point i didn't like that name, it was a popular name. But then when my parents took me to the breeder's house i saw her face and eye's and i thoguht to myself omg Zoey marie should be her name.

T.j. (DOG): It's kinda funny all english setter's we have had in the past there names started with a T. Example tera tikka tess tia, tobin. Well when my parents went to get t.j. they couldn't think of any t names for a male. SO then when they meant the parents of t.j they found out the dad's name was tomoka, so my mom thought of tomoka jr. (tj)

Kendy and Kasey (CATS):I am not sure about the story of there names, i think my borhter named them that lol.

Kesha(CAT):we found her as a stray and we thogut hey what the heck, our other cat's names where starting with the letter K, then lets think of a K names and Kesha popped in our minds.

Sunny and Share (DUCKS):I wanted a white and black ducks so bad, i got them and I thoguht the white duck should be named summer or sunny, so that how sunny came in to play, and then share was so sweet when she was little and would always share her food. (well share went to a new home because she was to aggressive to handle)

Dixiee and trixee (DUCKS): I got them a week after i got the other two ducks, and i guess i was just thinking of names that fit together.

Brandon(BETA): my mom was thinking of brandon the beta would be cute.

Ok so whats you animal story's.

11-29-2005, 07:41 PM
None of mine are really that interesting, but...

Mandy: She was the first dog that I got to pick out, so I was allowed to name her. We spent hours going through dog names on the internet. We printed all the lists out and highlighted them, and I chose the name Mandy.

Nova: I was torn between a few names for Nova. When I went to spend time with her at the breeder's house I knew that she was definetly a Nova, and the other names didn't fit her at all.

Luka: Well, I picked her name right on the spot, really. I had a few names picked out, but my parents surprised me and took me over to the foster mom's house and I could only remember two of the ones I liked: Luka and Loki. We spent quite a bit of time at her house and I realized there that Loki didn't fit her at all ... not one bit. She came to Luka right away since it was so close to her old name (Lulu). I looked at my list of names I had picked out a few days later, and I had totally forgotten about my favorite name (not saying as it will most likely be my next Lab's name ;) ). But, now that she's been here a month the other name doesn't seem like her ... but that could just be because I'm used to Luka now.

RB Buttons: He was a black and tan Dachshund and was named when we got him. His previous owner (she only had him a day or so) had picked out the name because of his eyebrows and tan points on his chest. We liked the name, so we kept it.

RB Retread (I reallllllly need to get his Dogster up so everyone can meet him :( ): My mom got him from a humane society when he was just five weeks old. My dad worked at a tire store, and my mom took Retread over to show my dad their new dog (they were having a 'sale' one day, and my mom called my dad to make sure it was okay that she purchased him without my dad seeing him. They were wanting a dog anyway, and my dad said any dog was okay as long as it was a boy :rolleyes: ). Retread was so tiny that he apparently fit through a loose thread on a Retread tire, so that became his name.
Okay, I could be slightly off about the last part. I know it had something to do with a tire and I'm pretty sure this was it, but I haven't had my mom tell me the story in a few years.

Crystal - Crystal was supposedly a boy when we bought her from the pet store. I didn't care, though, this was my hamster and I wanted to name "him" Crystal (I was like 5 or 6)! Well, a few days later she gave birth to 10 babies, so I guess it's a darn good thing I named her Crystal.

Diamond - Diamond was Crystal's daughter. I wanted something that went with Crystal.

Topeka (my current hamster): I searched for a loooong time before I came up with her name. I stumbled upon it accidentally, actually. I was researching something and noticed the city Topeka, Kansas. I thought "HOW CUTE!" and it became her name. I guess she's kind of named after the city, I've never been there though so I don't have any attatchment to it.

Christmas - I once lied and told my friends I got a cat for Christmas :( I finally got tired of lying and told my friends he ran away ... yes, another lie, but whatever. LOL. I was really young when this happened and I really wanted a cat. Still do, but it's pretty bad to lie about it!

Laura's Babies
11-29-2005, 07:41 PM
I wasn't looking for a cat when the lord dropped Chester off at my son's house. He was the cutiest little big footed, big eared, tabby and white! His chest that is totally white, really pokes out when he sits so the name Chester fit him purfect. I have found out since that there are a LOT of pets named Chester!

Amy.. well, my son was with me when I got her too...same son. He and his wife came home with me and I said we had to pick out a name for her. We threw names back and forth awhile when my son's wife threw out the name "AMY"! It fit her purrrrrfect so that is her name and how she came to get it.

Same son got Giz and their kids named her after the grimlin Gizmo. She was far to pretty to be a "Gizmo" so I shortened it to just "Giz"...

Samantha name was Midnight when I got her. I never did like the name Midnight for a girl cat and I wanted a name to honor my RB Sambo so she became Samantha.

11-29-2005, 07:43 PM
Jynx(Dog) was actually given as a suggestion on another forum I go on.

Ophelia(kitten): Shakespeare! Sort of. I got her name from a book I read (Ophelia Speaks).

Portia(kitten): Ophelias sister, so I had to come up with another name from Shakespeare! Merchant of Venice.. I actually read that one.

Chubbabubba(cat): I cannot even begin to tell you. He's massive. He was born a full size cat, I swear. If you saw him in real life (pictures lie.) you would never believe his size.

11-29-2005, 07:54 PM
SammyJ was Rascal..umm, just didnt fit so my daughter and I landed on Sammy and I said SammyJ..lol
Yollie was a pick from me I named her at 3 weeks, my daughters name is Yolanda I have called her all kind of nicknames she never like and one was yollie spelt differnt..lol..so therfor my yollie.. :)

11-29-2005, 08:02 PM
Edit...wow I have too many pets...that was tiring!


Shadow - My Aunt gave Shadow to us and my Uncle had named her Shadow, he really really wanted to keep her but my Aunt didn't, we promised we'd keep her name.

Micki- Micki has a large Mickey Mouse head on his back, we (I should say my mom) just changed the spelling

Mini - Well, she's Micki's sister...we could not give her a more fitting name...

Kyra - My brother and I made a list of names that we liked from the internet and finally decided on the name Kyra...my mom got home from work that day and she had her own list of names including Hope and Faith, and she decided that she actually liked the name Kyra better.

Jumpin' Jack Splash - He was going to be my first dog that I was actually going to name myself...I made a list of names I liked and then was talking to my Aunt online and she hated all the names I said. I told her my mom was really stuck on the name Jack or Blackjack, I absolutely hated it...mainly because it was her idea, lol. My Aunt said that Jack was the best name so far...and then suggested Jumpin Jack Splash, which fits. Jumpin' for the agility in the future and Splash because hes a Lab and loves to go swimming. I still wanted to name him something other than Jack but as soon as I met him I knew he could be named nothing else, lol. His name originally was BIFF.


Lassie - My sister was given the opportunity to name Lassie, she was maybe 2 years old and her first choice was to name her Bingo but we told her to think of something else and she named her Lassie.

Jasper - My mom had her heart set on an all white female cat that she would name Paris. We gave her "Paris" on Mothers Day but found out she was a he. It took her a while to come up with a different name but Jasper means "bearer of treasure" , lol.

Guinea pigs

Henry - I wanted a masculine name and Henry was the first thing I thought of.

Elvis - I put a bunch of names I liked in a hat and pulled one out, Elvis she became.

Mo - His name was Seymore and then Napolean and when I got him I changed it to Mo...most often he is called Mokey man, He has a Mohawk...


Geico - She came with the name, I got her from my Teacher.

11-29-2005, 08:14 PM
SASSY(DOG): Well, I LOVED the movie Homeward Bound when I was little. There was a cat named Sassy and my parents had said we were getting a dog. So I guess I thought Sassy was cute. So That's her name.
SUNNY: He was yellow and I got him on a day when it was REALLY, and I MEAN REALLY SUNNY. Also, he used to look at the sun going down so I named him Sunny lol.
STAR: Star is a weird story. Well, Petco told me a star had dumped her their but wouldn't tell who. I don't know why. And when we were going to the care with her box a litle eye appeared through the box and I saw her look up at the starry sky. It was so cute! I still wonder who the STAR was.
FLAME: He was a flamy color that reminded me of fire. The first name was Fire but thats stupid. lol.
Rio: I like that name. I didn't like the name River,water,or ice. So Rio is cool lol. He's so cute!
Diamond: Well, she is a diamond tetra and also when the suns shows through the window and hits her scales they shine like diamonds.

11-29-2005, 08:42 PM
SHeba is named after my Aunt's and Uncle's 1st GSD.
Rocky is my Uncles nic name.

11-29-2005, 09:01 PM
Josie: Lets see...I was around...12?? I think when I got Josie...I remember at the time me and my friend went ot her her, and she was helping me name her...I had just read a book with the main character's name was Josie. It was the only thing I could come up with :o

Zeke: Around the time I got Zeke, I was watching a TV show called "Tour of Duty" like ALL the time. I really liked the show. One of the main characters names was "Zeke" and I've never really heard the name before that. I thought it was such an interesting name...and the character Zeke was really cool ;D

Kiba: I wanted a japanese name for Kiba....I was watching a show called "Wolf's Rain". All the characters were wolves with names relating to wolf features..Kiba (fang), Tsume (claw), Hige (whiskers) and Toboe (howling) I just really liked the name Kiba.

Tango/butter/??: I still don't have a decided name for him :( Nothing at all suits him but Butter...and I don't really want to name him that..he's not even butter colored! Dad actually came up with "tango" though..he was going through that alphabet thing? Alpha..delta..whatever you call it??

Smitten: Smit is really more my mom's cat...although I named her. I think I got her around the same time I got Josie. Anyway, I've always wanted to name a cat Mittens...but then I wasn't sure...I got her from "Snookums" so I got Smitten out of both of them :o Pretty sad, cause at the time I didn't know Smitten was a real word...I really like the name now though. She's definitly not a "smitten" cat o_O She doesn't really like ANYONE except my mom.

11-29-2005, 09:07 PM
Nicki - long and convoluted, but mom, dad, and I agreed on it sfter much debate. She was born right after Christmas, so St. Nick fit, only we added an i to feminize it

Allen - unfortunately my sports loving family named him after Alan Iverson... I changed the spelling.

Pouncer - Jen Luckenbach named him after catmandu's RB Pouncer. I adopted him and the name fit him perfectly, so it stayed.

Abby - was named Evie from the rescue... pronouned Eh-Veeee. Hubby thought I was saying Abby. I hated the name Evie, so Abby it became.

Harry - was named so from the rescue because he was found by a man named Harold. It fit him, and when he's bad, he is often called Harold. :p

Flutter - also named by the rescue because her little half leg fluttered when she walked. I have always disliked her name, but now I'm so used to it .... she's about to have her leg amputated, so the reason for the name no longer is valid. Perhaps the perfect time to rename her? ;)

Perhaps some day I'll get a pet whose name I'll be able to pick

11-29-2005, 09:40 PM
Nebo: There's a mountain in Utah called Mt. Nebo. It's a pretty mountain (highest in the wasatch range) and I thought it would be a good name.....I had a list with more names, but when I brought him home no other name fit, I HAD to name him Nebo. My family/friends didn't seem to care for it that much, but I think they do now..I love it. :D I found out after he had been named that Mt. Nebo isn't just in Utah, I guess the mtn here is named after a mountain in the bible err something like that...I read the sign that tells about the local mountain and it says the word means "Sentinel of God." It's pronounced like "Knee-bo" locally I have no idea how it's really supposed to be pronounced.

Reggie: We got him when I was a kid. I just remember going through a bunch of names trying to figure out what one fit him. He was named Scooter at the breeder...didn't like that.....I wanted to name him Lucky :o I believe my brother suggested the name Reggie and we all liked it.

Sydney: She was my sisters dog, she named her and I have no idea why she named her that...guess she just liked the name?

Smokey (RB): We got him when I was 2. My parents let us (kids) name him...he was black so he had to be named Smokey of course. ;) My mom wanted to name him Nibs (after black licorice I think?).

11-29-2005, 10:57 PM
zero named after the japanese zero fighter planes used in WWII which dominated aerial combat until around 1943