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Sam's My Baby
03-29-2002, 01:31 PM
Letters are needed to be sent to Senator Barbara Boxer and the
Attorney General of California on behalf of Max, a cat who was
brutally killed in Sacramento. The (alleged) killer James Lacy Sr.
is a parole office, and seems to be treated by the Sacramento
District Attorney as if there was no evidence against him. However,
there is an overwhleming amount of evidence, including a witness (one
witness was not even called to provide testimony) and the necropsy
report. This report found that Max was killed by blunt force trauma,
not by Mr. Lacy's dogs. You can find all the information about this
case, including the necropsy report. Charges were dropped on March 8
for lack of evidence. Oddly enough, on the very day charges were
dropped several cats in the neighborhood where Max lived and was
killed were killed.

For the case histrory, go to:


For the necropsy report:


Contact information:

Senator Barbara Boxer
Fax Number: 415-956-6701
Phone Number: 415-403-0100
Please, when you fax your letter, put, "Please forward to Senator

Here is the Attorney General's information:

Bill Lockyer
Attorney General
Phone: 916-322-3366
or, if calling from within California:

Below is the Press Release by the Sacramento D.A.'s office, which is
dated 3/6/2002. Charges were officially dropped in court on March 8,

link: http://da.saccounty.net/pr/030602_lacy.htm