View Full Version : My sissy went to da doktur!

03-28-2002, 04:13 PM
Dis ere is Keegan Puppy, I am venturing over here to da Cat side to tell you dat my sissy went to the doktur today. I gotz ta tell ya cuz she's sleepin. She's pooped! While I am here, I promis to be's gud! -k-
She tolz me all bout it when she gotz home b/c I was so 'cited to see her. I kept rollin her onda floor and Mommie was gettin mad atz me.
Sissy had been vomiting off and on since January when Mommie switched her food b/c she thought she needed to go on a diet. She kept gettin sick so mommie switched her back. And she was still gettin sick ebery once in a while and mommie was tired of cleaning it up. And she felt bad for sissy, Mommy doesn't wike it when we getz sick. Make hur feel reeeeeeeel bad.
So sissy cried all da way over to da doktur's and all the way home. She don't like the little jail, I had to ride in when I wuz a wee one. But mommie kept sayin' "its ok, baby kitty, its better than riding in da back winder"
Sissy gotz a shot :eek: :) and some pills mommy gotz ta give her. I dunno whose more thrilled bout dat. Mommy or Sissy! Da doktur said it was an "irritated bowel from changing foods so many times" So now she probably has gastrititis. Which Mommy figgered anyway.
Mommy also kept saying " I shoulda wore a white shirt" cuz now she looks like a cotten ball!

03-28-2002, 04:48 PM
Hey there Kylie, Trevor and Andy here! We are so sorry to hear you were havin' those tummy upsets. Sometimes I (Trevor) gets to throwin' up but it's really 'cuz I just eats too fast. :) Chow time is my very favorite time of day! My mom changed us to the Weight Control food and it didn't cause us any upsets but maybe you just gots a delicate tummy. Hope you are feelin' good real soon. Don't ya hate it when you gotta go to the white coats?! Our white coats done sent us a postcard in the mail and our mom has it stickin' onna fridge right now so she remembers to call and make our appointment. Wish we could knock it off and shred it all up but it's too high up for us to reach from the floor and too low down for us to reach from the top of the fridge (where we like to nap). Darn! :mad: Anyways, Kylie, I (Andy) just want to add that you are a beautiful girl. I am a beautiful shade of white, just like you, but you gots that gorgeous looonnng hair that I just loves. Love, your pals, Trev and Andy

03-28-2002, 06:56 PM
Hi Kylie! Mr. B and Oliver here. You may know we've bin sick ourselves, but are gettin better. We hadda go to da whitecoats inna dark time! Mommy's been pushin little balls and gooey wet stuff down our froats fer days. We sure know how ya feel, Kylie! Still, we want ya to listen to yer Mommy an do eberthing she says; even take yer medicine, OK? Havin an upset tum-tum is NO fun! So you be good and get well soon, just like us! Love, kisses and headbutts from yer pals "B" and Oliver.:) )Star and Cody say they love you too!)

03-29-2002, 07:07 PM
Hi, Kylie, Chester cat here. I sending this for all of us, Leonardo, Luke, Leroy and me. We are sorry you are sick. It's no fun taking medicine. Luke is mad a mom. He has been havin' trouble wif his left eye. Now mom sneaks up and puts drops in it 2 times a day. She has been calling him Popeye and saying things like: Arg! Yo Ho Ho, and 13 bottles of rum on the wall. We think she is silly. He kept his eye shut for a while because it was sore. It a lot better now. He wishes mom would drop the pirate jokes. We hope you all better soon.:)

04-01-2002, 08:40 PM
So far Kylie is doing pretty good, we battle with the pills. The doctor told me to roll them in butter but I have been using Peanut Butter.
I worry everytime I give her the pills that she will be mad at me and not come and sleep with me. Last night I worked 3rd shift and so this morning I went to give her the pills before I went to bed, I always follow the pills with a few of her hairball treats and a tsp of wet food. And I was thinkin boy she is gonna be mad at me! But I was in bed Laying on my side and she jumped up to the bed and was sniffin around my head and then she licked me on the face. I think she was giving me a kiss to tell me that she understands that I am trying to help her! I hope so anyway!
OH, and the best news was that she lost almost a pound since I took her to the vet in Jan, a good thing b/c a friend of mine whose husband is a vet told me he doesn't know an indoor cat that should be over 10 pounds! :o I think alot of people are in trouble! ;)

04-01-2002, 10:13 PM
??? I think must be a general rule, but that it really depends upon the cat. Cassy is roughly 14 pounds, but very muscle-y and athletic. We (vets included) were worried last year when he lost a pound. (He had eating problems after his litter mate Sassy died and before Livvy came to live with us.)

My vet uses the ground rule about feeling ribs and his are very 'feelable'. Livvy's :rolleyes: are somewhat less so...

04-02-2002, 05:57 AM
Originally posted by shais_mom
an indoor cat that should be over 10 pounds! :o I think alot of people are in trouble! ;)[/SIZE]

Both of mine are in trouble! :o

04-02-2002, 07:51 AM
Hi Kylie, Prema here.

Are you feeling better today? and is your sister Keegan taking good care of you? :) I hate taking medicine as well. I had to take some pills one day and the vet told my mom they tasted a bit like dried food (well obviously he didn't try them as they didn't taste that nice at all :rolleyes: ). Since my mom would not have pity on me and insisted 3 times a day I take them I pretended to take one and then I spit it behind her bed! :p You should try it. My mom did not get angry at all when she found out, she laughed and told me that I'm a clever little devil. But the next time she made sure I swallowed it :(

04-03-2002, 01:47 AM
Glad to hear she is doing better! Be sure and keep us up-dated!!

04-03-2002, 09:50 AM
Hi Kylie! Mr. B and Oliver checking in! So glad yer feelin better pal. Our Mom was so happy to hear the good news too, especially the part about the nite-nite kisses!:) Love and kisses to you Kylie girl! You were SO brave!!! Yer pals, Mr. B and Oliver