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03-25-2002, 01:35 PM
I'M SOOOOOOOO HAPPY! When my family got home from vacation, of course, my step-dad said "get those rabbits outta here", but being the rebellious teenager I am, I said "no". And my Mom got us to calm down until the morning. I guess my Mom talked to Gary (step-dad) and said that if the landlord said I could have them in here, he would agree to it too. AND THEY DID! I'M SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO VERY VERY VERY VERY HAPPY! And I'm sure my buns are so much happier too!

03-25-2002, 02:09 PM
Whose in the house?!......... BUNNIES in the HOUSE!!!!! Congratulations, Bunnicula05


03-25-2002, 02:48 PM
Great news. I was really worried about your guys. I mean, outside fun is good for everyone & everybun but I would really worry if they had to stay outside all night alone. Good show :D Laurie

03-25-2002, 07:29 PM
WOOO HOOOO! I'm so glad that your buns can come in the house. After what just happened to my friends bunny who she was forced to keep outside I can honestly say pet rabbits should be kept in the house...especially if you live in a country that has a cold climate in the cold season that I hate.

03-25-2002, 07:30 PM
I am sooooo very happy for you. Remember, esp if anyone gives you flack, that it is proven that bunnies lead healthier, LONGER lives when they live inside and interact with their human care giver. Good for you!!!! I'm so proud! ;)

Sara luvs her Tinky
03-25-2002, 09:54 PM
I am so happy for you and your bunnies :D .!!!

03-25-2002, 10:38 PM
Miss Hoppy approves! :) Parsley for everyone! :)
Congratulations, you've done a very nice thing!

03-25-2002, 11:01 PM
That's such good news. :) :)

03-26-2002, 01:06 PM
Thanks guys! And I'm happy to say that when I get another Californian, Gypsee is going to be a Momma! I have found a buyer and am only going to breed them if I know for sure that I have a buyer. But I'm not going to breed around Easter time, that's for sure! It's just going to be a small operation with one doe and one buck. Grey is fixed, but that's good cuz he won't pee on everything! If anyone else here breeds rabbits, I could use some pointers. My Ag. Advisor, Mr. Briscoe, gave me all the information he could and taped a show for me on rabbits. HE'S THE BEST!

Heather Wallace
03-26-2002, 02:36 PM
Meg i am very happy for you and the buns, I am glad that you stuck to your guns and got what you wanted for you in the end, remember to let those buns out during the day as the also enjoy the fresh air. You will be able to pay them so much more attention now they are inside. Congratulations and well done we are proud of you here at PT.

03-27-2002, 09:39 AM
My Mom said I can only let them out when I'm home, that means after school and after track practice. But at least they get some excercise every day, like they didn't used to. Grey is getting really friendly, he likes me to stratch his head and he lets me pick him up. But Gypsee on the other hand won't even let me pet her. It will take a while for her to warm up to me, I think.

Heather Wallace
03-27-2002, 09:58 AM
Yes your right all rabbits are different when it comes to handling them. Bunny the mum rabbits it difficult to catch but when you pick her up I think she quite like it as she will sit back in your arms, she also likes her bunny kisses to, lol! When I pick up twinkle he struggles a like and jumps out of your arms, Cadbury is really good, he's fast but doesn't scratch you. Ebony is the worst,she struggles and scratces really bad, so I tend to leave her to her own devises.

03-27-2002, 10:11 AM
Yea, I think Gypsee and Ebony sound a like. Hehehehe. Gypsee is HUGE though. Everyone that sees her says "What do you feed her, she's...she's HUMONGOUS!" LOL. Oh look! I'm almost to 100 posts!

03-27-2002, 12:25 PM
The House Rabbit Society manual has an entry on befriending the unfriendly/shy/timid bunny. You might want to read that section.

Essentially they believe that most, not all, buns can be socialized to interact with humans. It just takes a lot of time and patience!!!! The key, they say, is having the bun get used to you is by spending YOUR time with them down on the floor, at their level. Since buns are a prey animal they are inherently afraid of things that loom over them. When you are on the floor with them they feel safer, esp if you just sit there and don't talk or reach for them (L lay down on my stomach)....eventually their curiousity gets the better of them and they will come over to check you out. My experience is that some buns are very curious and will investigate immediately while others are so shy it takes them a very long time to get up the confidence to do so.

Do not give up and don't get discouraged. The key is to keep on trying.

I have one bun now 2 yrs old and he is just now letting me give him a bunny massage. Most of this delay is my fault as I didn't spend enough time holding and petting him when he first came. I try to spend an hour every night just sitting with the buns....I don't watch much TV but I do read and talk to them the whole time. When he continued to act like I beat him and abused him daily,I did what I suppose is a no-no....I forced myself on him...I would pick him up (when I could catch him)then sit on the floor and talk to him in a low, gentle voice and pet him and tell him how handsome he is.... it's taken a couple of months but he is finally approaching me. He will still run off if I move around too much but I think I've made good progress with him and eventually I am hoping he gets completely over his shyness.:rolleyes:

So my advice is to try, try and try again. Good luck!

03-28-2002, 10:13 AM
Yep, I do that. I get down on the floor on my stomach and talk to them. Grey lets me stratch between his ears. Gypsee just grunts at me. LOL. But She does occasionally come and sniff me.

03-28-2002, 11:01 AM
It sounds like you are on the right track! Congratulations! It's worth the effort you put in....they are just so much fun. :)