View Full Version : Replacement for Care Fresh?

03-22-2002, 08:10 AM
I found what I think might be a nicer litter for my bunnies. It's called Kitty Soft (isn't that dumb?:rolleyes:) It's a paper-based litter like Care Fresh but it is in the form of small pellets. So far my guys haven't had as much fun kicking it out of the one litter box that doesn't have the gridded inside tray. And I think it seems to control odor although I don't think it advertises odor agent.
That's my big problem with Care Fresh...since my place is small and for the health of the buns I change their Care Fresh box once a day (twice in summer when it's HOT). And NO, I'm a not a compulsive neat freak....I just don't want a smelly house!;)
I got a 10 LB bag for $5.59 so I think it might cost a little less too. It comes in a plastic bag with blue sky and clouds...and one main cloud is a kitten, of course!