View Full Version : a little early for he terrable twos?

10-16-2005, 05:32 PM
lol Taru is normally such a sweet bird but latly I swear he pushes buttons just for the reaction. for example Happy wll hold still and give no reaction if he sits on her or whatever, so he ignores her, but Misty is terrifed of him, I swear he pushes her to just laugh at her reaction :rolleyes: take this morning for example, he flew onto my bed and Misty jumped he then looked at her and started slowly walking toward her chomping his beak and looking her straight in the face, poor Misty kept backing up till she kit a wall then started shrinking smaller and smaller(which is rather amusing seeing as Taru is no larger then Mistys paw lol) then today he kept biting my finger, HARD. at first yelling "OUCH!" whever he bit me stopped him, now he bites me I yell "OUCH" and looks at me, cocks his head and does it again! my brother said he porbably thinks I am a toy(ya know those dolls that you pull a string and they cry or whatever?) and thinks the whole fun of this "toy" it to bite her finger and hear her scream :o he is 12 weeks old right now so still a baby, but this is the first Budgie I have had this young before, is he just pushing me? and how on earth to you scold a budgie? lol

10-17-2005, 01:09 AM
It sounds like he could be going through the TTs. Birds are very manipulative animals. They know how to twist their humans around their tiny little claws, and they use this skill with ease ;) You've pinpointed the problem in your post. Taru finds enjoyment when he bites you because you give a reaction. Unlike dogs, birds become absolutely delighted when their bitten human companions scream in pain. Instead of yelling "OUCH" when he bites you, suck it in and shake your finger slightly like you're experiencing an earthquake. Taru will stop to correct his balance and there will no physical reprimand. After he stops, it is recommended to command an "Up" from him. Hope this helps!

10-17-2005, 01:05 PM
thank you! I will definatly give that a try. now to get him him to start going back in his cage like a good little bird like he used to, latly the only way I can get him back is to hold his foot with my thumb so he cants fly away, exept he does not like this much and tries to avoid going on my finger all together even though going on my finger rarly means cage time. also any idea how to get him to eat anything oter then seeds? I have been offering him veggies and such since he came home but he wont touch them. I have tried placing it on his seed but he just tosses it to the ground and eats the seed.