View Full Version : Well Piggy Checkup (GP)

10-15-2005, 04:24 PM
This was our Guinea Pigs' first checkup! Things got off to a rocky start when I called to make the appointment and the new assistant apparently failed to save the information I gave her. When we got there, they had no idea we were coming. Luckily they know us and managed to fit us into their schedule..they've been so great. I would reccommend them to anyone needing a small animal service around Billings, MT. Otherwise you have to go to Helena which is hundreds of miles away. (Caring Hands)
They were in excellent condition! We were so nervous about the stress of the overnight trip on them. Billings is a 170 miles from us so it is a long trip.
She trimmed their nails for us and looked them over..said they were in excellent condition.
And that is the harrowing tale of our first visit! Not so bad, huh??
Let's just say, we were way more worried than we had to be apparently. The piggies fell right back into their normal routine as soon as we got home.
They're two young (1 yr) females, btw and I'm working on building some pages with pictures for everyone to see so I can share with friends and such. I want to nominate them for POTD at some point..but I hope to get the pages up first.
Thanks for being here to let me rant about our little trip and my absolute love and pride for our sweet piggies.

10-17-2005, 11:09 AM
I'm glad to hear your piggies are healthy!

I have two piggies myself, Lily and Amelia. They're in my sig. I've never brought my piggies to the vet though.

*wheek wheek* to your girls!