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10-07-2005, 11:30 AM
What is with young people these days?!

I work in a bar, and right now we're short on people so it's me and mom doing like all the shifts. I duno how she does it, cause I really can't handle working 6 days a week anymore (then on my day off running for 5 hours at flyball) It seems all I do right now is sleep/work. I'm so tired when I get off work from not sleeping well, that I go to bed right after and sleep all evening...Or I work till 1-2am -sigh-

Anyway, my point is my mom just hired a new guy...3 days ago. I was doing most of his training, and he seemed pretty good. Except today we was suppose to show up AND DIDN'T. I figure he is not going to either. We had a guy in the kitchen just not show up either, and never came back.

I'm so sick of it! It happens WAY to much, and no offence, it seems to be mostly guys who do it. Why can't you CALL in and say "Sorry, I'm not coming back" I would NEVER walk out on someone no matter how much I hated it. I would ATLEAST call.

I was like yes! I don't have to work so much now, and I can have days off if I need, or even sick days! Yup, I was sick last week, and I had to work cause no one would cover for me except mom who already is doing doubles.

I want to quit cause I can't take it, but mom would be screwed. I thought the place was closing, but I guess it's not...I wish it would.

Laura's Babies
10-07-2005, 11:42 AM
To many businesses end up closing due to lack of good help! Everybody wants a j-o-b but nobody wants to work. Maybe look for older, more experienced help, someone who know what the job is and how to do it?

10-07-2005, 11:43 AM
I'm the first "young person" thats been hired at the local newspaper for years. And the only reason why is that District Manager knows my husband. I was tempted to leave early too, my wrists and fingers hurt, my car has taken a real beating, and I'm TIRED all the time. but I'm stayin around - earning major brownie points by being nearly the only person there not getting complaints every night when the others are and theyve been there 20+ years. I'm settled in now and enjoying it but I agree about the guys...

Any new guy, young or not, that Virginia (DM) tries to hire ends up quiting, getting fired, or not showing up.

The last young guy she hired before me, worked for 1 week, and on Sunday when the routes the biggest ((300+ papers)) he rolled all the papers, and left. Around 8:AM Virginia starts getting major complaints in, nobodys got their paper. She goes to his house and finds his car full of the papers parked in the drive, and he was inside SLEEPING! and when she fired him he couldn't understand WHY!!