View Full Version : Zoto Offering Free Photo Recovery To Katrina/Rita Victims

09-22-2005, 07:19 PM

We've been doing this informally for a while, but now we decided to make it official. For anyone who has photos on Zoto and loses their house/PC due to natural disaster, we'll provide all your photos to you on disc for free once you recover. If people can deal with our API, they can also download the photos directly from the site.

Kord and I were struck by victims of Katrina who said their biggest loss was not their furniture or cars or even homes but the personal stuff like family photos.

Many people backup digital photos at home on CD-ROM. But then you get flooded and lose those + your computer.

In advance of Rita, we're encouraging everybody in the Houston/Galveston area to set up free Zoto accounts and upload all their photos (you can upload 2GB or almost 2,000 photos for free). Then, if the worst happens, they're covered. We save full size, full resolution originals.

If you know people there, please help us get the word out. If you blog or know people who do, also please help spread the word.

In the future, we'll offer photo recovery as a standard service (with a fee to cover costs), but for now it's only for victims of natural disasters and it's free.