View Full Version : dehabilitaing shyness? lol

09-01-2005, 06:55 PM
my mom was getting really worried because I turn 18 next month and on my 18th birthday my mom gets cut off of child money from social servises and will knock $400 on my moms checks, plus they will assume I have a job and am paying a minium of $100 room and board and knock off another hundred dollars, so she went down to the job place she had to go to when she got on SS and talked to them, the ponly coarses they have is to help with stuff I already know, my only problem is shyness(I cant walk up to someone and say "here is my resume" or "I have an interveiw" I just cant do it) , so they asked how long I have been really shy for and my mom said since I was 2 weeks old, thats at that age she could not even pass me around to other people to hold or I would start crying and apperntly I should not have even been able to recignise people at that age lol
but apperntly they wont cut my mom off if I have a docters note saying I suffer from dehabilating shyness and see a councler about it. I know I am really shy but this is weird, I mean, I can talk to people alone, and I can talk to large groups and such no problem, and talking one on one to a total stranger.. again not a problem, if no person has ever been able to bring me out of shyness before what makes them think they can now? Happy is the ONLY one that has gotten me anywhere, but only if I can talk about her lol

09-01-2005, 09:11 PM
i remember my mom was worried about that whole issue before. (now 21) And i was really shy when it came to looking for a job. i remeber thinking that no one would hire me cause i had no experiance and no one was willing to give me a job to get experiance. But you know the only way to beat it is to go against it. And so i did, i went out got a job at a gas station.
i don't know if i helped much, but i think you can Do it!:D

09-01-2005, 09:36 PM
lol for me thats not a problem, I want to work in either a petstore or a vets office, I do NOT want to work cashier(I am TERRABLE with money, example I clearly remeber my dad asking me for 25 cents so I handed him a dime and a nickle :o - that would be 15 cents lol) I want to work WITH the animals, I am not afraid that I dont have experience, because when it comes to animals I have personally owned cared several dogs several budgies, I have owned and bred gerbils for 10 years, I have a rabbit and I have owned and bred guinea pigs for 3 years, PLUS I am the go to person for any and all animals related problems within a 10 block radius of my house lol when I was in shool I have actually been called to the office when a staff member needed animal help lol I am not short qualifications for anything that I want to do lol but I am so shy that it prevents me from being able to hand someone my resume, like I just cant force myself to walk up to someone and hand them my resume, I am not scared as I said I have no problem at all public speaking etc.. but I am usually asked to talk about ME, the thing is, I dont talk about me, the only thing I could possably say about me is that I am an animal lover and myself as it relates to animals and thats it I honestly dont KNOW anything else about myself, and in interveiws it sounds like I am trying to hard when I say that I am basly an animal person because its true, I can bake and dance but I am awful at it(my teacher wanted to bump me back to the class with the 4rth years.. I have been dancing for 7) but other then baking animals truly are my life, but what are the chances they are going to ask my friends if its true lol

09-01-2005, 09:46 PM
What about getting a job doing kennel help at a vet or boarding facility?? You'd really only be working with the animals for most of the time.

I'm not shy so I can't fully understand it. But it IS something you want to get over, you don't want ANYTHING controlling your life and stopping you from being ALL you can be. We were all born with special qualities and potential. Just think of this as a challenge you need to get over.

In an interview, maybe you should prepare in advance and write everything down. You can go somewhere they offer employement assistance and they can help you with mock interviews.

Good luck! Let us know how it goes! :)

09-01-2005, 10:02 PM
yes that is what I would like, I am waiting for a call from petcetera right now they put me down for the adoption center but they are REALLY unorganized right now because several department mangers are leaving only 2/6 left and they were both leaving as well and they are getting a new general store manager, so I dont know how long I will have to wait for that call, they are just really messed up right now and REALLY need new people to work for them lol when I was there the one poor manager was trying to help custamers and work the till at the same time as the only other person on at the moment was interveiwing me lol (for this I had only e-mailed my resume) but ya unless someone asks me about my animals I just cant talk, its hard to describe and hard to understand if you are not shy. but my shyness is so bad that I cant just walk up to people, nore can I shout to people in the street or anything like that, my body just litterly fails, my mind says "just walk up and say whatever" but my body does not allow me to if that makes any sence lol I ALWAYS have a positive mind and think that I can do it, but I have yet to actually be able to do it lol