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08-16-2005, 10:11 PM
OK, this is the deal...Collin and I are going to visit our families in Syracuse from 8/20 (Saturday) until 8/28 (the following Sunday). We do not know anyone here who can come in and feed our betta fish (STILL unnamed although Collin insists on calling him Clifton!! LOL! :))
SO, we plan on taking Fish home with us in the 5 hour car ride, along with Duncan of course.
Does anyone know of a way to travel with a betta? I have grown quite attached and want him to make it through this trip as comfortable as possible. I have looked at all the pet stores for automatic feeders so that we could leave him here but the only ones I have seen are the ones that require an aquarium with a filter in order to dissolve. And those also say that they feed up to 10 fish for a week!! I'm only looking to feed one fish in a 1 gallon bowl for 8 days. Now that I think about it, I did see an automatic feeder thing that attaches to the bowl and you program it to feed the correct amount. Although I don't think it would be able to feed 4 tiny pellets a day....it was quite large...I will have to go back to the store and check it out again....
So, traveling...I was thinking of just getting an extra large Tupperware bowl for transporting him, poking a few holes in the lid for air circulation and transferring him to his own bowl when we arrive in Syracuse for the week...Do you think he will be OK in this environment on a 5 hour car ride? I think I read that bettas get air from the environment so they need lots of surface area oxygen to breathe....Would this be sufficient do you think? I KNOW I will be driving as Collin has to work the night before we leave and will sleep the whole way home. Which means that Fish will be on the floor of the car and Collin will not be checking on him regularly or stabilizing him in any way (as I would ;))
Has anyone ever traveled with their fish and if so how did you do it? Traveling with Duncan is h*ll on wheels so if I make a big deal out of Fish's welfare, Collin will have a cow!! I need to find an easy, safe way to get him home or get him fed here while we are gone without making it difficult or Collin will flip....
Thanks for your help!!! :D :D

08-17-2005, 11:46 PM
what i did was i was gone on a trip for 8 days on a car ride with my betta and he came in a plastic cup about the sisze of a cup so he fit in our cup holder and i just made sure that his water temperture didn't seem to hot or cold, i took his boul with and filled it up when we got there