View Full Version : We found a lost (?) Pomeranian today! .. :(

07-23-2005, 09:41 PM
Today just when me, my mom, & my sister were coming home from dinner, we drove by a little Pomeranian walking on the sidewalk alone. I'm pretty sure it was lost. We stopped and I went up to it & started petting it. It was SOOOOO adorable! His fur was soo soft & he was just gorgeous. So nicely groomed..probably one of the most beautiful dogs I've seen lol. He was also shivering alot too :( I think he was scared. He was so cute, he sat there and let me pet him for a long time..

I really wanted to bring him home but my parents didn't want to, since we don't have a dog so we don't know how to take care of one & had no dog food or anything. I tried to pick him up but he didn't really let me.. I was going to try to get him into our carrier & bring him to the shelter the next day. Ugh but my parents didn't let me :( & I didn't want to just leave him there.
I mean, taking care of a little dog for one night wouldn't be that hard right?

Then my mom said we had to leave so we were driving away and saw two other people walking their dog. We stopped and talked to them and they said they'd try to get it home. I hope they'll be able to find the owner :( Poor dog.

If I ever find another lost dog on the street again I'm gonna try to get it home (not to keep but to find the owner). Do you guys think that would be a good idea though? Its just really hard leaving a lost pet on the street :(

I can't wait til I'm old enough so I can get a dog. I really want a Pomeranian now, they're just so adorable!

07-23-2005, 09:46 PM
That's too bad your parents wouldn't let you try and find it's home but I am glad the other people said they would try.