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07-13-2005, 01:12 PM
I bought a ferret for Christmas for my father. However, my step-mother did not like it and my father let it run loose too much. I had 4 dogs at the time and couldn't keep it. Now, I am back to my original 2 dogs/cat and my father gave me the ferret back.
I love this measley weasle hence it's name (Measley). I have an extra bedroom and allowed the ferret to have "free reign" in it. I put it back in it's cage to make sure it eats and drinks daily. Unfornately, the room litter box training hasn't succeeded as well as the cage training has. Measley likes to go right in front of the bedroom door where the dogs sit sniffing.
When I first brought Measley home, she fell off the pool table into the claws and mouths of my 4 curious dogs!!!:eek: Luckily, I rescued her out of their grasp. We bonded immediately to say the least!:cool: She was okay but extremely frightened.
Measley is VERY playful. She would want to play with the dogs. I've tried to introduce them to eachother slowly. However, Scooby is part Rat Terrier and his natural instinct is to bite her head! He's done it to kittens and other small animals. Shaggy doesn't care about the ferret other than sniffing it occassionally. The cat doesn't know the ferret exist or doesn't care if it did. She's declawed and couldn't hurt it anyways.
My question is do you think it could be safe to bring the ferret and the dogs together? Could it be done and has anyone else had success? I do not want to get another ferret. I am surprised I am wanting to keep this one. My father raised ferrets and they bit me alot. :eek: However, Measley has won me over and is quite frankly spoiled rotten. :cool:
Right now, I have been putting her in a private carrying case just out of reach of the dogs. They can see and sniff eachother but can not touch. Scooby is the only one obsessed with her to the point of seperation. Does anyone have any suggestions to make this happen safely or is this a pipe dream? Thanks for the help!!!

07-14-2005, 06:23 PM
i am suprozed noone eles replied to this yet// hum..

first fo all congrats on the new addition :D. he souns adorible.

secondly i would suggest introduction to your other pets to be slow. ferrets think they are bigger then they are, and dogs commonly think of them as toys.. :eek:

we need pics pics pics pics