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06-28-2005, 03:59 PM
Of course most of you that have read my previous threads, you may know who I'm talking about. But for those who don't, look on to find out!

This guy, is my newest little Betta boy, a blue, red, purple & somewhat green crowntail. Who is in need of a name! But, Katie's name may be the one to get it! He doesn't really like the camera and so thats why theres no decent picture of him! :rolleyes:

So if Katie thinks it looks like its ready to suit him, introducing, HOTSHOT!


But wait! I seemed to have forgotten somebody! :eek: What about this little guy?

My beautiful red & white butterfly betta! He needs a name too! Something funky, hawaiian(spl?) or to do with Canada, since thats where I live, and those are his colours! Katie you did it to me, you got me to get a butterfly, but I don't regret it, this boy is so great! He loves the camera.





Whadda ya think?

Suki Wingy
06-28-2005, 04:03 PM
Ooh Purdy boys! I dunno about names, maybe something to do with lava, because that is hawaian and he's red?

06-28-2005, 04:17 PM
Congrats! For the first one how about blueberry? and I have no idea for the second one. They are so cute :)

finn's mom
06-28-2005, 04:27 PM
Bane - long awaited-child
Kahoku - star
Kai - sea, willow tree
Kale - strong and manly
Kane - tribute, warrior; the
golden; man, the eastern
sky; beautiful
Keona - god's gracious gift
Leilani - heavenly flower,
heavenly child
Meka - eyes

I took those from a baby name site. :) Your bettas are gorgeous!

06-28-2005, 05:01 PM
Heres some more for you, of "NAMELESS" but they're only of him because the other guy is upstairs in my "new" room and this guy is downstairs, beside me and the computer, so he was looking flashy! :p




06-28-2005, 06:05 PM
They're so cute... I love both of them! Good luck with naming the second boy.. just don't name him Kawaii... (;)) That name's reserved for my HM boy! ^_^

Buddy Blaze Lover
06-28-2005, 08:17 PM
Oh, I was SOOO excited to see these Paula!!!:D Hotshot (:D;)) is beautiful! And you fell for it...another butterfly betta!!! YAY!!! (and he looks almost exactly like Fizz! Wow!):D I LOVE him!!;)

Let's see...names...how about Sandstone, Firefly (ha :rolleyes:), Lai (a good one! Very hawaiian! lol), Maple (Canada name):D or Dart...just a few I came up with! What do you think Paula??;)

Does this make EIGHT bettas now??!!:eek: Wow!! You're catching up to Kara!!!:D;)

06-28-2005, 10:30 PM
Beautiful Betta Boys! :p

06-29-2005, 02:19 PM
Kara! You've gotten more!

Lets see pics! :D

And where are your name selections, you always have good ones!

06-30-2005, 07:42 AM
Bumpin this up for those who haven't seen it! :)

finn's mom
06-30-2005, 11:10 AM
Did you name him yet?

06-30-2005, 11:17 AM
Hehe, nope! I'm still looking and deciding between the names you gave me Kari! :p

finn's mom
06-30-2005, 11:29 AM
Originally posted by Lexi_Lover
Hehe, nope! I'm still looking and deciding between the names you gave me Kari! :p

Ah, cool! I wondered! I'm sure there's lots more out there. I like Bane, personally. But, I just found those by looking up hawaiian baby names. :) can't wait to hear what you decide on!

06-30-2005, 12:05 PM
I actually like it too! I think I have awaited this guy, hes s perfect! But I also love all my other bettas as well! I'm gonna spell it differently though. :p

So now, a proper introduction!

INTRODUCING..................(my long and awaited B*Boy)



06-30-2005, 01:17 PM
Very Cute! :D

Suki Wingy
06-30-2005, 01:47 PM
Yay! Welcome, Baine!

finn's mom
06-30-2005, 10:01 PM
I think it's a great name and I like the way you spelled it! :) Glad I could find the Hawaiian names, and, really glad that you liked one of them!

07-01-2005, 06:51 AM
Hehe! I love that name, it was between that one and 2 others! :p But, I needed somebody's help without asking, and you did it!

Thank you everybody for welcoming him!

Buddy Blaze Lover
07-01-2005, 09:02 AM
Great name Paula! He and Fizz could be twins!! lol:D