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06-28-2005, 04:41 PM
This is so sad to hear especially since I know someone online that had rescued a FELK+ cat a few years ago and took it to this place to be taken care of not knowing about this woman. I also know another person who at one time considered leaving some rescue there. You jsut have to be so careful and jsut almost can't trust anyone.

Newest info on Angel Wings:

TEN more cats were turned over before the case was finalized, all tested negative for everything, NO FELV+ or special needs cats recovered yet. Pictures will be released as soon as legal process allows.

The official update:

"Yes, we got a few more. Still just the one FIV+ boy [email protected] ]. Rehnee was indicted, did you hear that? We were going to go in for the rescue tomorrow, but got postponed because of the chancellor's vacation. Now we hear rumblings that Rehnee may have taken all the animals further away than we thought. Don't know for sure, but I am getting very discouraged. Whiney me. Will let you know. If you want to see the article, here ya go" -

Kingston, Roane County (WVLT) - A Roane County grand jury has indicted a Kingston woman in one of the areas' largest ever animal abuse cases.

It is a story you will only find on Volunteer TV News.

Renee Harvey is accused of abusing cats, dogs, horses and a goat in her care.

Volunteer TV's Eric Waddell spent the day at the Roane County Courthouse.

Renee Harvey has been booked and released from the Roane County Jail on 37 counts of animal cruelty. She runs the Angel Wings Cat Rescue and Sanctuary.

The pictures-- at left-- of animals in the shelter, taken by animal control officers and the district attorney's office, are part of the evidence that will be used in Harvey's prosecution.

We spoke with management of the Roane County Animal Shelter about the case, and an animal control officer about what they do if they are alerted to a potential problem like this one.

“Over the years, animals we know have been taken to Angel Wings and were supposed to be taken care of, nursed back to health if they were sick or injured. That is what supposedly was taken place. But I did not see that,” says Nancy Quarles, from Roane County Animal Shelter.

"We get a description of what is going on, exactly what kind of circumstances there are. We would go out and investigate," says John Griffin, a Roane County Animal Control. "If they could not fix the discrepancies in the required amount of time we'll take them to court and press charges."

That is where Renee Harvey is scheduled to be in Roane County Court on Monday for arraignment.

Authorities say all the animals have been taken from Angel Wings and Renee Harvey.

We attempted to contact Harvey to get her side of the story, but were unable to. We have been told by law enforcement sources that she maintains her innocence.

06-28-2005, 04:56 PM
This is so sad. I'm very familiar with this rescue, it's about 25 miles from where I live in another county.

The rescue where I adopted Jazz and Scout worked very closely with this lady and she took in all their cats deemed not adoptable.

This lady had been working so hard to help unwanted cats and she was also helping with a low cost spay and neuter program. She even had an adoption center set up in the Petsmart just down the road from me and then they just disappeared back in April. That must have been the start of problems. I just don't understand what went wrong.

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if you know of anyone that has ever taken a cat to Angel Wings please contact this person. I received this email today from the person I heard about this from.

From : Jenn <[email protected]>
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As of this moment, only 16 cats have been removed (the owner voluntarily turned them over), as the remainder are on hold till final court paperwork clears to seize the rest. The owner has unfortunately hidden many of them at other locations, and they are trying to find them now. We are trying to find as many previous owners as possible to ask if they can take their cat back, so if you know of ANYONE who took a cat there, or who may know someone else who took a cat there, PLEASE have them email me, so I can try to get them their cat back. As many as possible will attempt to be reunited with their previous owners. I have a foster home arranged for any unclaimed FELV+ cats that are recovered. The healthy negative cats will be adopted out through other local TN rescues working on the case (if their previous owners do not reclaim them immediately). All the FIV+ and FELV+ cats will need to be reclaimed or adopted by winter, as the foster home volunteer really can't winter them over. If nothing else, at least that gives the previous owners a few more months to come get them, or arrange transport. Had I not been able to arrange this, they would have all been killed immediately. So if you know anyone who took a FELV+ or FIV+ cat down there, PLEASE have them contact me ASAP!


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Hi Jenn,
What happened to all those poor animals there? I know someone online that a few years ago left an FELV+ cat she rescued there. I know someone else that had once considered taking some of her rescues there. This is so sad.