View Full Version : Measley Weasle is Back! Got questions

05-30-2005, 04:30 PM
I gave my father a ferret for xmas. However, his wife did not like the ferret. I told them I would take it back if there were issues. Well, there were and now I have Measley back.
I have 2 dogs and a declawed cat. The last time Measley was with me my dog Scooby tried to eat it when it accidently fell from the pool table it was playing on. I snuck measley in the back door so my doggy's don't know she is here. She has her own bedroom and I allow her out of the cage to run about for the most part of the day.
Here is the health issue. Measley has fleas. Since the first day I got her she had fleas. I've given her baths and picked off the fleas by hand. They still seem to never go away. My dog Scooby is allergic to fleas. So I can not allow any fleas to get into the house at all.
Is there any good flea treatments for Ferrets? I've tried to use certain cat flea/tick shampoos and powder. I don't want anything too harsh. The ferret shampoo's are okay but not for fleas. I don't think a flea collar will work. My dad wanted me to try that but I won't. Should I try a Vet?
Also, I have noticed that she "shivers" alot. It kind of seems like a nervousness but not sure. She knows me and we are bonded for the most part. It concerns me that maybe she caught something related to the fleas?
My father raised Ferrets a few times over the years. I know alot about them. However, I've never had the flea issue or the shaking thing occur before. She is almost a year old. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!