View Full Version : fluffly the tube head cat

02-03-2002, 11:02 AM
One night quite awhile ago I was watching CNN and this was before the war when they had nothing to talk about. I watched this story of a kitten being resqued (now I thought this was strange to see on CNN) Now he wasent stuck in a tree or up on a roof or even stuck under something. Nope this kitten had to be different he somehow got his head stuck in the top part of a broken sewer pipe sticking up from the ground. Now im watching this not sure weather to bust out laughing or fell very sad. The reason it was funny is because all you could see is this little cat body sticking out of the top of this sewer pipe. Now the owner who was very upset had already called the firefighters (now im not 100% sure that a fire fighter whould know what to do with something like that) Well the firefighters arived and began to do there emergancy procedure for something like that, witch was to bust out laughing (yes even with CNN there) After they calmed down they realized that they could not simply pull the cat out. They began to think up plans to get this kitty out. "Well we could saw of the lowest part of the pipe and then push the cats head out of the peice of pipe" one firefighter said apon hearing this the cats owner ran over and began to scream at the firefighter (I cant blame her it dident sound to safe) By now half the neighbor hood was out gatherd around this poor cats struggling body. Now the firefighters were getting woried the cat was running out of air and decided to go into the sewer system and push the cat out. So thats what they did, the firefighter got underneth the cat and began to push on its face (not hard). After a few pushes the cat poped out, fell over, got up, and ran to its owner as the lady picked up her cat she nearly dropped it laughing as the cameras zoomed in on its face I busted out laughing the cats head was almost a perfect circle his ears were smoushed back and he looked almost alien like it was so funny. Well I just thought I whould share that story with all of you at least it had a happy ending:)