01-11-2001, 03:58 PM
Besides Daisy we have a pretty large Mini Schnauzer. We got him at 9 months old. He came from a long line of champions and they were grooming him to go into the ring but decided his temperment was not suitable, so we were able to get Perry. You seem so knowledgeable and this is our problem. He loves to go riding in the car, however he
absolutely hates the leash. When we try to hook him up, he jumps around, trys to nip us and we have a very hard time leashing him.
After we leash him he is o.k. will walk and heel etc. Could it be he doesn't want to get leashed because of his former training?
Any ideas?

01-11-2001, 05:57 PM
Well, I'm not Carrie, but I would advise putting the leash on and letting Perry wander around with it on for a while. Keep an eye on him so he doesn't get hung up on anything or eat it and then reward him when he's good. You might also teach him to sit to be leashed. When he gets wild, just stand up and ignore the behavior and then have him sit again. Eventually, he'll get the idea that he's going to get leashed and it will be better if he cooperates as he will get lots of praise and maybe some treats for being a good boy. Be persistent and consistent and he'll learn to love his leash. Good luck.

01-11-2001, 08:34 PM
Thanks for the advice. He is a wonderful boy except for the one problem, once he has the leash on, you can walk him and he will heel and do all the right things. Will try the sitting and ignore.
Thanks again

01-12-2001, 12:23 AM
You're quite welcome. I used the sit/ignore on a larger dog who would jump up on anyone and when I tried ignoring her until she sat, it didn't take her long to learn it and anyone could make her do it by putting their hands behind their backs. It took her four days of consistent work to learn it. By the way, anyone else in the house that is going to leash him must do the same or it will take longer for him to learn. Good luck and let us know how he does.

01-12-2001, 08:13 AM
Also not Carrie...but I couldn't help thinking that Perry is just excited about getting to go out as opposed to hating to be leashed. I think ktreva's solution sounds right on track.

01-12-2001, 08:46 AM
I am Carrie!!
Ktreva's ideas are, as usual, excellent. I would also get him to sit and put the leash on him just before you feed him. Get the food ready so he knows what is coming but don't actually give it to him until he has sat quietly while you put the lead on. This may take a little while to accomplish at first but it is worth it.
If you play fetch with him put the lead on for a few seconds and then take it off before you throw the ball, making sure he sits quietly.
Anything you do with him that he enjoys - put the lead on first (take it off after a few seconds). The more you do it while he is concentrating on something enjoyable the easier it will be for him to accept it.
Good luck, let us know how it goes.
I would guess he has been caught or nipped by the clasp of a lead at some point and is wary of it.

01-12-2001, 03:05 PM
Thank you all for the great ideas. I forgot to mention that he has a problem when I put on my shoes. He grabs the laces or the shoes, does not want me to put them on. Today I did make him sit while I put on my shoes and he did well so I gave him a
"people cracker" made for dogs. I believe he
has anxiety when I leave. Next will try sitting him down when we do the leash. Thanks again all!!!

01-12-2001, 04:15 PM
You did the right thing, Schnauzer's have huge personalities and egos to match! Little things with them mean a lot. You are demonstrating your leadership qualities by doing the sit every time he wants something and every time you don't want him to do something. They are one of the breeds that get a bad name sometimes because they are misunderstood and their quick minds and ego's are not catered for properly. I love them and think they are fab dogs - I've met a few "nasty ones" that turned out to be playing by the rules and totally adorable - but misunderstood. Well done you!!