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Heather Wallace
01-27-2002, 09:45 AM
Hi, It's Heather. Somehow my user name has been changed to Tatty.
Well you all know about the rabbits by now, if not go to


and read the story on Heather's Hoppers.

But they are now 11 weeks old and I was finding it extremely difficult to find homes for them. I had a few calls but didn't like the sound of one in particular, I think she wanted them to sell on to her friend, she would not let me come to her home to see where they would be living, so I refused.
To cut a long story short I had to give two away a few days back to a lady called Barbara, she is a breeder of mini dwarfs and she also runs a pet stall in my local market. She is going to find some nice people(hopefeully) to take Ivory the black and white rabbit who so many of you loved and Smokey one of the little grey rabbits. I found out what sex they where eventually.

I broke my heart that day when they went. I didn't take them as I was to upset. I miss them very much.......:( :(

01-27-2002, 01:12 PM
Hi Heather!

Hope this finds you feeling much better. It's always sad to see furkids go--but remember the wonderful time you had raising them. I'll say a prayer that they all find wonderful homes!