View Full Version : *warning - bare belly* Sirrahsim 36+ week belly

04-23-2005, 08:23 PM
One more week has been added on:) I don't see how Missy can get any bigger - but she could have Tyler any day...or wait another 4 weeks:eek:

Tyler's head is dropped and fixed - Missy is having lots of contractions (the practice kind, but some take her breath away!!)


04-23-2005, 08:27 PM
Oh my, that belly is not only big, but "heading south"! YIPPEE!!!! It's almost time for another PT Baby!!!!:D :D :D

04-23-2005, 10:48 PM
Wow! I know that my belly has gotten lower because it suddenly rests on my legs when I'm sitting, but I didn't realize how much until I looked at that timeline:eek: :D :D Come oooooooon full moon, I want my baby!!!!:D

04-23-2005, 10:52 PM
OMG!!! Look at that!!! Missy I think you are going to be cuddling baby Tyler very soon!:D :D :D

04-24-2005, 07:32 AM
Wow... love that progression! Missy, you're going to be a mommy soon!!!!

Maya & Inka's mommy
04-24-2005, 07:43 AM
Yup, no doubt, lil Tyler is getting ready for this world!!
Debbie, get those suitcases ready! ;) :)
Yippie, another PT-baby!!
Hey Missy, don't forget, we want LOTSSSSSSSSSSSSSS of pics on Tylers progress, from baby to adult ;) :p :rolleyes: :D

04-24-2005, 10:55 AM
Nope - no suitcases for us - we will meet our grandson and watch him grow along with everyone else - via pictures:rolleyes:

But we are excited!!!

Yes, it is easy to see that Tyler is now very low - you can see more space above her belly now as he has changed his "lie" - in other words "headed south" as Kim said and her belly is now pointed outward more and not so much like a big beachball.

It is sooo exciting to know that he will be here soon! Hard to believe my own daughter will be a mom:D Wasn't she just here at home and a baby herself??

04-24-2005, 01:46 PM
Congratulations!! Your belly is getting very big!!:p How exciting and you must be very excited yourself. I love the timeline that is so cool. When Tyler is born be sure to share lots of pictures with us!!:D:D:D