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Edwina's Secretary
04-21-2005, 04:48 PM
Here, for those of you who were interested in my chicken neighbors, is the story as I wrote it for some friends. I find the chickens rather charmingly eccentric. Don has a slightly different take on it. I suppose he thinks...."we paid HOW MUCH to live on a chicken farm?????"

The neighbors across the street have been wonderful since we moved in. Homemade apple dumplings...welcome to the neighborhood kind of wonderful. They have three young boys and own a couple of hair salons. He does my hair (okay...there was that blond disaster but he fixed it and things have been great since then.) She is a real animal lover -- a teacup chihuahua...some tweety birds. The boys take care of our cats when we are gone.

The other evening we were in their house to look at something. I was standing in the kitchen looking out at the pool (this is California after all!)...and what to my wondering eye should appear....in surprise I asked..."Did I just see a chicken walk by??" Next thing I know we are in the back meeting the two chickens and two rabbits who live there. Very pretty chickens. And it was amusing to watch the chihuahua try and herd the chickens.

When we returned home we were discussing the chickens and realized that, despite the fact Don calls me a "country girl" and my mother calls him a "farm boy", neither of us knows much about the animal husbandry of chickens. All I know I learned at the Museum of Science and Industry.

I do know this....those fresh eggs made a very tasty omelet the next morning....

04-21-2005, 05:59 PM
Around my neck of the woods it's illegal to have "farmlife" in your back yard.....

...oh thats right....we're talking KAL-EE-FORN-EYE-EH! ;):D

04-21-2005, 06:22 PM
Nice neighbors.:D They sound like Hoosiers.:D I like chickens
but will you be able to pen reports on them like you did with
Shirley? I miss Shirley sometimes.:(