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01-16-2002, 10:03 PM
Duncan and I went over to my mom's tonight for dinner and to chat. While I was there Duncan started his "I want to go out, I want to come in, I want to go out, I want to come in" routine. My mom reminded me of a funny story:

When I was 8 we got a mutt named Bandit, the most wonderful pet in the world (In my eyes, of course :) ) We also had an "adopted" cat name Smokey. (Hence the name Bandit...remember the movie...:p ) Smokey belonged to the neighbors but they basically just left him outside, never fed him and called him their own. My father SAID that he didn't like cats so Smokey wasn't allowed in the house. (Occassionally the garage and the kitchen when noone else was up and the family room when the rest of us had gone to bed...you get the picture...:D ) So long story short, we used to let Bandit out the back door through the garage. At night in the wintertime, he would be outside and we would hear him scratching on the door to come in. One of us would go to let him in and when we opened the door, Smokey would come running in and Bandit would go running out the back door. HE DIDN'T WANT TO COME IN, HE WAS JUST LETTING THE CAT IN!!!! It was so funny and sweet! Thinking about it makes me laugh and miss both of them. They were the first pets I ever had and I learned so much from them.

Anyway, just wanted to share that funny, sweet story with everyone!

01-16-2002, 10:22 PM
That is a sweet memory, Jennifer. And I appreciate that you shared it!! I have fond memories of previous pets too. :)

01-22-2002, 05:38 PM
Thats nice Jen :D I don't really have to many memorys of old pets. I still have them since I was a kid. Well..exept my rodents.. -sniff-

01-23-2002, 07:05 AM
Cute, cute story Jenn - thanks for sharing, it made my morning:)

01-24-2002, 04:37 PM
Ah Jen! Creature caring for creature. How precious. And what a beautiful memory. Bless you Bandit and Smokey!