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04-16-2005, 12:52 AM
Try a ping-pong ball in the bathtub!!!

What fun!


04-20-2005, 03:55 PM
My youngest kitty, Sasha, is two and LOVES milk rings! She will carry one in her mouth, bringing it to me to throw so she can fetch it and bring it to me again. It is not umcommon for her to bring one onto the bed (in the middle of the night while I am fast asleep) and drop it on my face! She also likes to play "hockey" with her rings on the linoleum floor. This game can last for quite some time! She often bats them under the appliances, and she knows they are there and sits there meowing at me until we go on a "milk ring hunt" and find those that have disappeared! She loves milk rings so much, that my neighbors save theirs for me and she currently has a stash of well over 50 rings! The neighbors have even written and illustrated a book about "Sasha's Big Night Out" in which she sneaks out of the house with her "secret milk ring stash" and trades them for kitty nip! It is adorable and will be treasured forever. Sahsa's older sister, Tabitha, who is 16 years old, has little to do with the milk rings and the games Sasha creates. Instead, she just looks at her as if to say, "Oh, if only I still had her energy."

05-05-2005, 09:23 PM
I noticed my 6 month old, Chaz, investigating the bathtub many times, so I decided to take one of our many ping pong balls, roll it and bounce it around in the tub . . . he was facsinated and loved it! We have a fiberglass tub/shower so the ball really gets to rocking and rolling all over the place! Great game for the hyperactive kitty that usually exhausts you. Once they get the swatting idea, you are free to go and leave them while the ball does the entertaining! :)

05-16-2005, 04:42 PM
posted by laurat7
Try a ping-pong ball in the bathtub!!!
haha, just said that in other thread!

but...do you know or have any idea how to keep it moving than having to bounce it zillionth times and wear out my arms... :D I've tried a pretty long string hanging from the horitizal bathpole but cats love to pull it down! :eek: :)

05-17-2005, 08:50 PM
Yes, it can truly wear out your arm, if you have to keep on tossing/bouncing the ball. . . :rolleyes: Hopefully your kitty will figure out that a swift swat now and then on his/her part will send it perpetually in motion for continual fun!:D Good luck, as my Chaz would rather rely on me to create all the activity.

05-21-2005, 06:37 PM
The only other thing I can think of is that a DRY bathtub might be a great place for one of those little motorized mouse toys - the tub would keep it contained and it would go until the battery ran out.

the other thing we recently tried - Which Pixel haughtily ignores, but which FASCINATES the dog - is that my son has these little
"matchbox size' remote control cars - they are small enough that most cats should see them as mouse sized, and you can sit still and race them all over any hard surface - they are great!


not only for pets - but for kids - the 'BIG BOYS', too! My son got two of them for Christmas one year, and the Grandpas got the moms mad at them for racing the cars among the dessert on the DINNER TABLE - much to the delight of all the toddlers and babies present! LOL!

you can find them here, real inexpensively - make GREAT stocking stuffers for a male of ANY age!


05-30-2005, 03:41 PM
hey, great idea, laura!! should have thought of that!! doh... ;)

I'll let cha know how they like those little engines... :D