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04-06-2005, 12:05 AM
Guess what.
OK, OK I'll tell ya.
Toby Mac posted my email.
Ok, I will start from the begining. In November my grandfather, Papa John was diagnosed with lung cancer, terminal. We found out he had about two months left. Lets just say it hurt alot. I had previously bought Toby's first solo CD and was waiting for Diverse City for christmas, well I got it and all through the radiation, air tubes, emergancy hospital visits, tears, and long days at school with a teacher who thought lung cancer and death were a joke (dont get me started I have forgave him, although I am still mad, I would love to tell ya though, hint, hint) I listened to Toby Mac's songs to help me get through. Well on the night I decided to write the letter I had gone to bed forgetting I had left the portable phone in my room. Late at night we got a phonecall and because of caller id i knew it was my nana. My papa was having trouble at the hospital and they had phoned my nana, because she does not like to drive (my grandpa used to drive her) she phoned my parents. They went to the hospital. I could not sleep so I went downstairs and listened to Toby Mac and wrote this letter..... http://www.tobymac.com/email_of_the_week.aspx which he asked If he could post on his website. I am Deanne Trotman from Chilliwack BC. I am so exited. I did not think anyone would read it let alone be picked to be on the website.